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    I know there's a thread already about the deity buffs, but it doesn't quite address the concern I have. If I am correct, there are 15 deities. Five good, five evil, five neutral. Yes?

    There are five possible buffs from the ethereal deity AA thing. Three deities could be assigned to each good, one neutral, one evil. That would make sense, wouldn't it?

    But...all 3 of the deities that have fervor overcap are Qeynos side.

    Having spent a few years already watching Qeynosians use a deity ability to cure themselves of curses with smug expressions on their faces while my Freeport brothers and sisters eat dirt, what is going on here??

    Correct me if I am mistaken, this is all pretty new and I'm pulling information from other people's screenshots. I am hoping either it's inaccurate, or if it is accurate the powers that be will consider tilting things a little more evenly, as this seems like maybe unintended side-favoring. Maybe.
  2. Tanto Done, finished, gone.

    The fervor OC is tiny. The crit bonus from Rallos/Bristlebane is far more beneficial to 99.9% of players.

    Battles worth fighting and all that...
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    I'm not arguing that the buff is better, just that all the buffs could easily be and should be an option for all the characters regardless of alignment. I also was not attempting to start or join a battle by pointing out the inability for Freeporters to access one of the options. Freeport is quite busy trying to convince trolls to bathe and teach ogres to sneak up on things. Nobody has time for battles today.
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  4. Tanto Done, finished, gone.

    I dunno, I think the whole game has become too homogeneous. I'd prefer more identity for the different alignments than less, even if that conveyed a minor advantage to one over the other.

    I like the deity pet buffs, they're neat. I think in an ideal world they would have had more individual relevance to each deity, and that in turn would connect them to certain classes. But that would be a bit unrealistic to expect given the size of the EQ2 team and the resources available to them. Oh well, I'm personally pretty happy with what we got.
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