Deity abilities and infusion

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    so saw a post and they were saying "hey did you infuse your gear?" which led me to dig up what this is.

    tab1 : So this has 2 ways? A pay to increase a random (1 of 4) stats? AND I can drop an infusor gem in here and I have a % change to increase something based on Gem and then Gem is consumed?

    tab 2: The second tab (Diety) I can't click anything though I have some numbers in various places.Is it now passively leveled now?
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    You will get infusers as drops in a lot of PoP content, also, Provisioners can make the level 100 infusers and higher ones I think but not positive on the higher ones as my Provisioner is not at 110 yet. You can plat infuse as well but you will spend a fortune. Sigrdrifa has posted a fantastic thread about infusing let me get you the link.

    Here is a good one that might answer some questions from this thread and your other on the adornments, Siggy's post is #16
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