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    [IMG]Greetings...We are recruiting ALL classes and levels!!! Fun,Active,Helpful & Family Friendly!!! Aged leadership with 17+years of EverQuest gaming experiance!!! Chaotic Evolution is run & managed by 2 leaders Gore & Haarsh, we are very organized and both have military backgrounds!!! CE is a family guild first & for-most (WE ARE NOT HARD CORE) we understand that people have jobs,children & just life in general to deal with!!! We only ask that,once a member that you be active,positive & productive!!! We (DO NOT) recruit children or minors,however..we do take on children of active members..where we will provide a safe,positive & productive environment for them to game in!!! We have Highhold guild hall off antonica docks fully loaded , we are on the AB server!!! We have people from all different time zones,but grouping & raiding (once we get to that point) will be based on est time.NOTE: (We have raided in the past and we hope to rebuild a raid-force for a once a week raid,nothing will be mandatory) We ALL use voice client (details will be given once a member) A working mic is required for membership!!! We also take on newcomers and train them to be masters of there class!!! So come on,let us guide you through epic battles,quest & adventure!!! BECOME A LEGEND!!! (if you have any questions or need more info send a /tell or in game mail to Goreguard/Gorezerker/Cinork/Reverb/Goregutts or Gorelock) Visit our site ,read FAQ @
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    Do we know what server?
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    We are on the Antonia Bayle server :)
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    TY Mowse..didnt realize i didnt put that in our thread 8) So it has been updated . but yes like what Kori said ,we are on the AB server.
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    Talk DG into free server transfers and I'm in.
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    LOL yeah free transfers..that would be nice now wouldnt it my friend!!!
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    Just a few of us hanging out in FreePort!!![IMG]
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    Goreguard Level 100 Guardian!!![IMG]
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    Our Guild Banner!!! Truth,Honor,Respect & the Norrathian way!!![IMG]
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    As part of our recruitment we are NO LONGER excepting plate tanks!!! We will however take on any other class that would like to apply!!! As always we take on the new comer & returning vet,we will help them to understand there game or return them to their former glory. No pressure,come as you are,move at your own pace. Lots of active ,helpful members to assist with all of your daily needs. Remember to check out our web site @ Go over our rules & guidlines, & see if we may be a good fit!!! Hope to hear from you soon!!! Goreguard/Goregutts
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    Thanks for taking my wife and I into your guild, we've enjoyed getting to know the members we've met so far and continue to meet. Very informative folks and have helped us old vets in our return to the game. We look forward to friendships and adventure going forward.
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    Thats great Doc!!! I'm so glad you & your wife are liking our close nit family style guild.I hope in the years to come we can all grow closer together as great friends!!! 8)
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    We've been getting quite a few newer members,Remember to check out our web site @ .Lots of Super Great people here,great company!!! As always if you have any questions &/or concerns,please contact me in game via in game mail or /tell to Goreguard/Goregutts!!![IMG]
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    Visit our site @ read FAQ go over our rules & guidlines!!! See if we may be a good fit!!! Alot of GREAT active older generation folks!!!
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    Bump!!! Check out our site,read FAQ and see if we may be a good fit!!! Lots of good active people here to adventure with!!!
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    Everyday we are getting more & more people appling to our wonderful family guild.Full of great,awesome people.People that will help and go out of there way for the newcomer & returning vet alike. The leadership is very aged & well rounded,we take the time to get to know all of our guildies,weather you are an app or an officer,there are no inner circles.We are all one BIG circle,extended family if you will. Most people here are 30-60 in age and we ALL use raidcall voice client.Communication is very BIG within our guild. So visit our site,go over our rules & guidlines and see if we may be a good fit. ( From all your friends @ DotR!!!
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    Bump: Very active and great great people..true family.. check out our site @ see if we may be a good fit!!! From all your friends @ DotR!!!
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    Oh so very true...[IMG]