Decimation not working correctly and why got nerved ??

Discussion in 'Mages' started by Hellfiren, Dec 17, 2020.

  1. mR_vAiN New Member

    Yes Yes Yes

    1. I wrote a single target
    2. Our trash doesn't last so long that you get 4-5 spells on it (unless you already have the 180 stacks, then maybe :))
    3. I unload the stacks on Nameds, damage is mediocre but triggers procs (see Nune). You have to rebuild your 180 stacks.
    4. Am I responsible for what I write, not for what you understand or want to understand.
    5. After 10 years in a raid with the Warlock, feel free to ask me.

    on the subject of precast, you did not understand what it was about. It was about the fact that the damage share of Decimation / Apoc is very high in contrast to the other spells (big pie in chart). Not because it is "exhausting". If you want you can get every sentence wrong, it's a matter of attitude.

    All groups and raids so far have shown me that Necros, Beastlords, Wizard top the DPS charts (I can't judge Assa, Waldi, Ele right now). But the addon is still quite fresh.

    For me, the change to Decimation meant the following:
    - Direct damage reduction Decimation = Today no longer at eye level with very well-played beastlords, nercos and wizards
    - Change of the cast time: Change of the spell timeline, in the time window of Spellbind, Freehand Coercery, Time Warp etc. can run 1-2 spells less and thus also do significantly less damage if you use Decimation instead of Apoc (Instant cast)

    If this change is enough for you and your style of play and you are on par with the other classes in your Raidcom / Guild, good for you.

    The complaint was generally against the change to the spell. Which leads to the fact that Apocalypse is overwhelmingly the better choice.

    In addition, it is not important to me to always be first place in the DPS and, like you, to have other classes nerfed. I enjoy measuring myself against others and taking turns in the DPS, which is a huge incentive :)

    After getting "personal", I would be interested in a few parses in the new raid zones. You can rather make comparisons and move back on the factual level without this constant becoming personal:
    - mimi
    - Ask someone who knows about a warlock
    - Silly
    - wake up from the keyboard before you hurt yourself ...

    OMG - Really now?

    I wish Mogrimm back, he didn't need a Google Translater, had energy for such discussions and at least had appreciation for his class.
  2. Revanu Well-Known Member

    Idk, I don’t really see decimation nerf to be a big deal. Insta cast would be nice cuz it got chunked roughly 45% in dmg alone but not necessary.

    If as a warlock you are bad now due to decimation nerf, then you were bad before and just were 1 button wonder.
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  3. Gigglezzz Member

    Amen @Revanu Amen!!!
    And as far as everyone trying to compare necro spells to anything, please do your homework before spouting that nonsense because I read all of this and people are really out in left field talking about necro spells and comparing swarm pets.

    Please keep the topic on your class and stop trying to always get other classes nerfed. Summoners were broken for a long long time and finally through a great deal of discussion and complaining, we finally got some balance to our dps.

    I know ALOT of warlocks that are doing really well this expac dps wise which includes Revvvv aka @Revanu who put out really good numbers with the nerf to decimation. Decimation was clearly way OP in BOL and to expect that spell to continue to put out the numbers it was putting out is totally unrealistic.

    Twistyd was right, that spell alone on some parses I saw were over 50% of some people's parses in BOL. So again that is unrealistic, just as years ago when the ramped up the damage on our swarm pets and everyone screamed about it being OP. All summoners knew it and were like oh well when it got nerfed. We adjusted and formulated different ways to compete which I am sure most good warlocks are doing now with the Decimation nerf.
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  4. OnlyMe Member

    What other classes dragon spells don't get effected by AA modifications? I think they all used to (except now not Decimation).

    I could put up with a nerf to damage, if that is needed, its the UNDOCUMENTED change to AA mods to our biggest spell that we've used coins/money to upgrade that upsets me. I've asked numerous times for an answer and got nothing.

    Can a dev (or a community manager) please answer the question - is the mod to Decimation which makes it not benefit from AAs intended or not? Thanks
  5. Shaoli Member

    Decimation got over-nerfed because many warlocks you group with are a "1 button wonder", sadly; and "crybabies" is the most common species within DD-players. Sadly this is what it has come to:

    This is not a showoff parse, it is just for the sake of observing spell damage distribution. Showoff'd be twice as high (sneaky debuffs, HB, Elem, etc..). I use Thunderclap instead of AoV on the dummy because AoV doesn't work here.
    This is Ancient Decimation vs Ancient Apoc and I can go for Celestial with Apocalypse. Their real share of damage (incorporated in disease) is 20-22%
  6. Shaoli Member

    So, to sum up, you just get to cast more other spells if you use insta-Apocalypse. simply because you waste 4,5+ seconds per minute for decimation. Time spent is a ~8% DPS difference on it's own. Add the damage factor, hence the reasoning why Apocalypse is better.
  7. Hellfiren Well-Known Member

    Guys for first i play lock my self so thats why i started this post.
    This was not a post to teach me or others to play it and the stack thing should be claer for every Lock and Wizzy.

    This post i made becuase of the unaccaptable changes on Decimation and the whole Lock DPS in compleet.
    The Downsizing of Decimations DPS because of the miscalculation is ok but the cut off of the Abillty which is part of the Locks AAs since Apocalypse was implemented and allowes us to cast that spell instand if on 180 stacks.
    And Decimation lost DPS and inst castable instand anymore

    The Replacement of Apocalypse is on same timer on same AA line so it should work the same POINT done over and out.
    Or they should cut off any ability wich comes from AAs for the new spell out of Sol Ro on all Classes.

    And i dont want a on spell hit wonder but after the last tow not accepptable changes for mages and espeically for locks this change is the top of the hill of S°°T which was done.

    And in my mind the thinking is grwoing DB hates Mages and espicaly the old T1 DPS because last tow Expansions the Feeded the Scouts with gifts they need to get a New Garage to store and all Mages but espeicaly Wizzy and Lock were srewed and this should HAVE AN END NOW AND FOR EVER.

    Same or nearly sameSTATS same BASE OF DPS if a skilled player can do more ok but on the Base the calculation should be the same and atm it insnt anyway.

    IF A class is shown and called DD it should be allowed to do DPS by a propper formula on thier stats which sould be

    Base Stats x Spell Quality x every damage multiplier game serves > minus the Stats an encounter // boss is debuffing.

    this should be the thing it works.

    On Every Tank the effectiveness comes from the Cannon it usess + the soldiers and thier skills which use it plus or minus the things the sourindings its operating in.
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  8. OnlyMe Member

    While I don't disagree Apocalypse is better right now (with Decimation both reduced in damage and BROKEN), I would still like some confirmation that the brokenness is intended, and not just an oversight in AA revamps and/or the damage reducing. It means that spell is now just about worthless - which is a shame because we spent time/money/tokens upgrading it since it's obvious intent was to be an upgrade not a downgrade :) I'm not paying any more p2w money out until this is confirmed either way.

    Still waiting on a dev to confirm please.
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  9. Hellfiren Well-Known Member

    @ Revanu idk who you are but you have no such idea how to play a lock or what it, is thx for this useless comment.
  10. Revanu Well-Known Member

    Hahahahaa ok bud.
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  11. Nekre Active Member

    lmao he really said that
  12. Gigglezzz Member

    Yeah he said that lol!
  13. Sykle I use too many words sometimes.

    its fun coming back to the forums after like 4 years and seeing that people are still just as clueless as they were.
  14. Protips Member

    especially when you see bad players calling their class broken. Just gatta remind them that it is "their" warlock that is wrong, not warlock is wrong.
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  15. Goezer Master of Crayons

    It's always entertaining to see that.. "X class is broke because I have no clue how to play it effectively, so let me tell others how bad it is.. and give advice to them on how to play it badly as well".... Oh but you can't forget to call out other classes because the keyboard controller actually has a firm grasp on the intricacies of their class so they are now perceived "OP"
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