Critical Mastery (TSO AA) ?

Discussion in 'Warlock' started by ARCHIVED-Suppler, Jan 26, 2011.

  1. ARCHIVED-Suppler Guest

    The description of this AA is as follows:

    Critical Mastery (Rank 1)
    The sorcerer's professional spells will all do additional ciritical damage.
    Passive Spell
    Effects: Improves critical damage by 1%.

    Here's the inherent problem I have with this AA. There's no way to prove it's doing what it claims. Depending on your perspective, it's increasing your Crit Chance OR it's increasing Crit Bonus. But in either case, it only affects professional spells like Rift or Apoc.
    Because it only affects those spells, it will not affect your Crit or cBonus stats on the Persona window. The bonus also doesnt appear in green text in the spell descriptions. The actual dmg amount you do via crit or crit bonus varies, so you cant add 2% to either stat, and be able to tell from a parse that what you added had any impact.
    I'm not about to dump 5 AAs into this option without confirming it actually affects Crit Bonus. I've done the web research. I've asked ingame. Nothing, probably because it can't be proved. So I thought I'd start a thread on it to see if anyone does have some evidence I dont know about. Thanks in advance.
    Note * I did put an AA into this. Nothing changed anywhere that I could see.
  2. ARCHIVED-Walker76 Guest

    Pretty sure profession spells means any non AA spells or procs put on you by another class (buffs). You can test this AA by casting Flames of Velious and seeing what the damage is since its a static amount and always hits for the same, and then spec the AA and compare the results.
  3. ARCHIVED-Suppler Guest

    Excellent Selnan. Thank you!

    Flames of Velious was doing 5094/3821. Tested it thrice.
    Added an AA to Critical Mastery. It then did 5122/3842. Tested it twice.
    Added an AA to Critical Mastery. It then did 5150/3863. Tested it twice.

    For anyone wondering, my crit chance is at 120%, before and after the adding of these AAs.

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