Crit Bonus and AA Trees

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  1. Atan Well-Known Member

    I know Fyreflyte mentioned before that his understanding was Caith had made a pass at converting AA's from CB to Pot or making sure they still had useful effects.

    I've not looked at other classes yet, but Warlock has quite a few choices that simply are complete trash because they are dependent on CB being in game.

    Enhance: Encase
    Enhance: Dark Pyre
    Enhance: Distortion
    Enhance: Acid (probably still viable with the speed reduction, but still, losing the 10% CB really hurts the value here)

    And probably more problematic is one of the popular end lines is virtually worthless:
    Focused Casting

    Again, I'm sure the answer is 'tough ****', but these are the types of items that can be better addressed with a beta period. I understand its alot of effort to stand up, but you know what, TLE is also very short timelines between expansions, and losing time to get things fixed after they're live only further condenses the timeline. I strongly believe that this 'effort' needed to be backed into the timeline when the design was made. You certainly have made sufficient cash grabs on the server to find a way to support it.
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  2. Adoninilol Well-Known Member

    I don't get it either, this is the what, third tle?

    Why not just fix everything then you can just push out a new tle very other year until the game dies and never have to touch it ever again.

    It's kinda sad these AA's aren't just changed to base damage as 5% potency is meaningless on live at the moment as well, would solve AA's being useless. Although this was brought up when they first got revamped by many players. What good is 5% potency to my death save when I have 160 potency?
  3. Fyreflyte Well-Known Member

    While we did review all of the AAs to ensure that none of them gave crit bonus only (and thus no stats whatsoever on TLE), it was not our intention to attempt to balance all of the abilities perfectly for that server. Many classes have AAs that are now considered useless simply because other stats (casting speed, ability reuse, crit chance, etc) have hit hard caps. This is unfortunate, but the strength of the system is that there are a large number of AAs, and you can avoid those that give you diminished bonuses.
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  4. Tharrakor Well-Known Member

    Yes but where's the fun in "avoiding" them? Why not just change them into something useful instead and be done with it? Live servers is not gonna care because these AAs have been useless there for many years.
  5. Fyreflyte Well-Known Member

    Primarily because the current AA trees work pretty well, and the effort involved in trying to fully balance them at all levels would be a monumental task. There are hundreds of AAs x 26 classes, and while not all of them would require changes, a full review would be needed to identify and balance those that did. Doing so would not stop the number of complaints or requests we received, and would in all probability increase them, as perceived inequities between classes surfaced. This is one of those situations where, in a perfect world, we'd love to go through and fine tune every last AA; but the reality is that doing so would cut into our ability to create or upgrade other content. We've tried to ensure that as many of the AA lines as possible are still useful on progression servers, and will continue to monitor and refine them as we have time.
  6. Carynn Well-Known Member

    We've found some on the Inq new page that do absolutely nothing, literally, so all our points are going into the DPS-related stuff. No one needs healing anyway!
  7. Ghorast Active Member

    Hey Fyreflyte Fury AA endline Energy Vortex is one of those AA that only gives crit bonus and no other beneficial effects could that be changed to anything else since its one of the few AA that meets the nothing but CB criteria (unless you count reducing healing by 50% as additional effect)?
  8. Fyreflyte Well-Known Member

    That ability actually adds critbonus in an entirely different way (it does not grant the critbonus stat, but instead directly modifies the damage coming off of spells) and thus it functions properly even on Fallen Gate. I just tested it out with Smite of Consistency, and it is definitely increasing my spell damage,
  9. Ghorast Active Member

    Thank you for confirming it works means I have one good endline after all.
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  10. SmakkUUp Member

    I gave them a comprehensive list and an easy solution 6 weeks before EoF. Literally all they have to do is turn CB on the AAs to Pot. Compare Necro and Conj AAs. Necro has all base damage where conj (Who is already borked) has all CB... There is a reason i unsubbed.
  11. Atan Well-Known Member

    Is there some feedback from the game itself that gives us insight to what CB effects work vs do not work?
  12. Fyreflyte Well-Known Member

    It's subtle, but typically if something says it affects an ability directly, it works. Crit Bonus as a stat doesn't even show up on FG, so usually you'll just see an empty effect if it's trying to add CB in the usual way.
  13. Lithin New Member

    I'm trying to wrap my head around my illusionists focus effects. There are 2 synergism effects, one for CB and another one for added damage to the synergism.

    Both seems to do nothing though, and from what i hear you are saying, they should have been tuned. Buffing synergism have always been a no-brainer. There is no greentext on the ability when you take the focus effect. Is the mouseover lying or is it broken?
  14. Fyreflyte Well-Known Member

    The addition of CB to Synergism will not work on FG because it's not causing the ability's damage to deal extra, it's actually applying a straight +crit bonus stat to the player affected by the buff, and crit bonus as a stat is not available on FG. I'm not sure what you mean about the effects doing nothing - I just tested them both on FG and they both improved the base damage of the ability proc for me. Is this not what you are seeing?
  15. Torrin Member

    If I understand the explanation of how CB is to work on FG. Then CB that directly modifies an ability or spell's damage be it as a whole "increase all spell's Critical Bonus" or individually "Increases spellname's Critical Damage" will work. However anything that applies a broad "+Critical Damage" or "+Critical Bonus" be it from a proc or AA or buff will not?

    I would suggest a look into the Shadow Odyssey AAs especially Predator line if the above is the case. Granted it is 2 expansions away but mentioning it now so it is known is better than mentioning it after the fact. Predatory line for that particular tree gives 1 AA "Critical Mastery" that per point increases "Improves the amount of damage done when a combat art critically attacks by 1%". Working properly that's +1-5% Crit Bonus on every CA. The Ranger finisher for that AA tree also has an "Improves base and critical damage of ranged combat arts by 10%".

    Backing up to something more current, the Ranger AA "Enhance: Makeshift Arrows" in the Ranger AA tree, which is available on FG right now, does absolutely nothing. It was never changed when Makeshift Arrows got the switch from a temporary buff with triggers to a permanent buff with a proc rate. I have tested it numerous times, the AA does nothing at all. Under the hood it probably still works, increases the triggers for Makeshift Arrows, however there are no triggers anymore.

    A change keeping inline with what the AA did originally would be it increases the proc-rate on Makeshift Arrows. However that is unneccesary as the ppm is already high.
    A change that would be effective is increases the damage done by the proc. But I've personally never liked passive damage in any game (still not a fan with the new ranger and miss the old original KoS-era version but i digress).

    More fun but highly unlikely to see the light of day solutions:
    Makeshift Splinters: % Chance when Makeshift Arrow procs deals additional piercing damage to 2 nearby enemies.
    Barbed Arrows: % Chance when Makeshift Arrow procs applies "Barbed Arrows" to target. Barbed Arrows = Arrow Rip deal additional damage to target OR Arrow Rip deals piercing damage overtime to target (one or the other), single trigger.
  16. Fistpower Well-Known Member

    Drake essence for channelers are supposed to increase crit bonus by the PET by 10%. We have no DPS in that slot without the CB.

    Is it an error this has been disabled or intented? Kinda hard to figure out what crit bonus you guys want and which one you dont want.
  17. Adoninilol Well-Known Member

    Our defiler tested this after we saw the energy vortex actually working post, he said he was getting the crit bonus to apply to his spell defile. It's the only spell that doesn't have a range that I can think of that has an AA to increase it.

    When we get to the shadow odyssey AA's you can test that AA with strike of consistency, same with the endline. I do believe everything that directly apply's crit bonus is working, just the actual "crit bonus" stat is non existant.