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    I can see from your quest tab that you are on Elements of Destruction: Pure Adventure. This is part of the signature quest line for Chaos Descending. Do this quest, do every quest that follows it.

    Panda Quests refer to the Travels of Yun-Zi. Fast travel to Sundered Frontier, (choose the lower spire of the two options) and hail Yun-Zi to start the quests. They are simple travel/fetch quests.
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    Another good reason to do all of the Panda Yun Zi's quests is at the end of Days of Summer 2017, you can buy a prestige house for 0 copper, and this line must be completed before you can begin Days of Summer 2018. At the end of Days of Summer 2018, you can buy a different prestige house for 0 copper. You can also buy a familiar, a mount, and a merc and 9 deco packs for the entire series of 2017 and 2018. Everything is now sold by Pas Yu and it is all 0 copper. Days of Summer 2018 must be completed before you can begin Days of Summer 2019. They are not difficult and there are waypoints on the wiki for every spot needed to visit.
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    This is pretty late here, but I wanted to address the issue of having so many hotbars and only so much screenspace. This is also for anyone who happens to google 'new player, halp!' in the future. Right clicking on a hotbar and saying "hotbar settings" or if you get an arrow cursor over the corner of the hotbar and select "window settings" is the BEST way to clean up the immense amount of hotbars you have to open.
    For instance,

    That is what all my buffs look like. My icon size is 32, window's normal opacity is 42 with 100 mouseover. My frame and backdrop are at zero. I have them stacked to be 3x4 instead of the usual 1x12 horizontal. My tracking, recalls, mounts, etc. are even more transparent with 100% mouseover and I made them vertical along the edge of my screen. Another option is to use the spinner and put your buffs on Hotbar 10. I also use 3x4s on each side of my normal ability hotbars to utilize more horizontal screenspace. Play with it and find something you like. And of course, once you do this on one character, you can simply load that setting with /load_uisettings on other characters.
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