Contested (Avatars) Mobs For All Who Can.

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Morphius, Jan 9, 2013.

  1. Morphius New Member

    Contested mobs such as Avatars gives the community as a whole, a chance to compete against each other for some of the best rewarded loot in the game. And competition is always good as long as it is done fairly and in good spirit. When one single guild logs in for the sole purpose to kill Avatars so that noone else has a fair chance at those Avatars, and then to simply mutes the rewards because they have all that Avatars drop is not only destructive to the community but creates a detereation of gameplay as a whole. Resentment, self degradation, sense of incompetance are what is created in situations like this. People come to play on games like this to feel good and have a good time and release themselves from real life stress and pressures. Contested mobs should be made available to all in a fair way. To kill a mob, just to simply prevent others from killing and reaping its rewards is oppressive and just plain being degrading to others. The spawn rates to these mobs should be made so that no one single guild has the ability to keep these mobs from the rest of the community (server). The purpose to killing mobs is to reap its rewards and better yourself as a player and give one a sense of accomplishment and eventually, a sense of completion. When you have killed a mob to the point when you and all those grouped (raiding) with you have reaped all of its rewards to the point where everyone no longer can better themselves from killing that mob, other players should be given the chance to be given the same sense of accomplishment. To kill a mob simply to prevent others from reaping its rewards is simply rediculous and destructive to everyone else who plays the game. When that mob does spawn and that guild (that simply kills the mob to prevent anyone else from killing it) doesnot have enough on to kill it, they then do everything they can (flying mounts in the air to create lag, spamming challenges and LoN challenges to the players engaged in the encounter to make impossible for them to fairly kill the mob) to prevent anyone else from successfully killing that mob. This is simply one form of several of elitest players degrading other players that are just on the game to try and enjoy the game. These particular players also degrade other players openly over chat channels. Noone wants to be subjected to that. I am a very successful business real estate agent in real life and know what it takes to be successful. You have a handful of elitest players that financially contribute to your business in the smallest way possible. The meat and largest financial contributer to your business is the casual and non elitest players who are in raiding guilds and social guilds. Heck, your biggest server is the role playing server which very rarely ever sees trolling on the chat channels and players degrading other players. Anyways, as far as the Avatars goes, these mobs should be more fairly made available to all that have the ability to kill them with out other elitest guilds being ******** about it. Either increase their spawn rates so that one single guild cannot continually kill them and keep them from others just to simply oppress everyone else in the community or create encounter locks that are for a small period of time so that other guilds or players have a fair chance at the mobs. Or just take them back out of the game again. It is one thing to have a competitive spirit in the game. It is another to try and be oppressive and mean to other players who want to enjoy the game as equally as everyone else. I have a very long history with Everquest, Everquest2 and Vanguard. This submition isnt over just a few incidents. This is something that has been on my mind for many, many years. I am not subjected to this kind of crap in real life. There is absolutely no reason why I should be subjected to it in a game. I would appreciate a response to this and will be following up with this in the future.
  2. Geothe Active Member

    Hi, there's something called paragraphs, you should try using them sometime.

    Every guild has the chance to kill an avatar, if they so desire. You just have to have quick response time when they spawn. Spawn times are not set for the avatars, they have a random time window when they repop, which enables other guilds to have a chance if they put forth the effort.

    Contested content means, first come, first serve. The race is being the guild that forms up and gets to the mob first when it pops. If your guild isn't fast enough... well, you lose the race. Sorry.
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  3. Seiffil Active Member

    Wall of text = bad. We've already had this post though, any guild has the chance to compete for avatars, if one guild is willing to put in the effort, have a call list, have people constantly checking the spawns, they have the same chance as anyone else. That's the point of contested, nothing needs to be changed.

    They still have to kill it, this isn't like in EQ1 where a guild could race in to start a triggered event and wipe it, not because they were trying to kill it, but they were completely denying an opportunity which was needed for further progression in that expansion. They're still killing the mob which to me, they can do whatever they want with their loot, no one else has any right to say what they can or can not do since they are the ones who killed the mob.
  4. Kwikdeath Active Member

    They are called paragraphs...usually makes a post much easier to read...

    Really I have no trouble with the too guilds getting the kills, as with work and family I'm not in a guild that has a call list and am perfectly happy working more on PoW and CoE HM, cause that's where we are.

    Main point tho, I really doubt that all the mains from the high end raid guilds have all the avatar gear they want, as there is only so much that drops each kill. I mean, it can take 6 months farming a mob to gear out mains if you have bad luck with the rng. Even so, I am sure they want it for alts. The gear is good, but there is no reason with CoE gear+PoW gear guilds can't be progressing thru content. If anything make the avatars harder so you basically have to complete PoW to get the kills.

    It's fun to have something to work towards, and once everything is cleared there is often less motivatation to log in and farm for gear. There already are extremely thin picking out there, so more people unmotivated would not be a good thing (I mean we've been 2 or 3 short every raid after breaking for the holidays, and can only take down oligar HM with what we hard to make progress).

    If Sony would open their eyes and merge servers there would be much more competition for avatars, and I think that would be a good thing. At that point they may need to reduce the spawn timers, but if they do that now they will just trivialize the gear and have top guilds SLRing the avatar loot than people would again be ******** about.

    TL: DR - op is mad because people who are more dedicated and have call lists and actually log in and get the kills are reaping the rewards... (Coming from a non-top-guild raider)
  5. Estred Well-Known Member

    Avatar's are some of the most fun bosses I have faced in awhile tbh. On Guk two guilds actively compete for Avatar's and it is fun. We have killed at least 10 Avatar's over the time of their existence and Antithesis has killed a few more because they react faster.

    Nothing needs to be changed about Avatar's.
  6. slippery Well-Known Member

    Man, I don't know if you can be that successful. Paragraphs are a necessity in life. They break up points and enable people to read what you are saying a meaningful manner. My spell check went completely ballistic over your quoted text.

    1. No one has all the loot they want from Avatars. I'm not even remotely sure what makes you believe this.
    2. Maybe if instead of resenting people who do something you can't you use it as motivation seeing what you could do life would be a world different.
    3. You clearly do not know the spawn rates. There is a 72 hour window. That means any time within those 72 hours the mob can spawn. I'm not sure how it could ever be even remotely more fair then that. That's ridiculously (this is how you spell that word) long. There is basically always Avatars due.
    4. Again, no one is killing Avatars to prevent others from killing them, they are killing them because they want the loot.
    5. You clearly don't play on AB. There are more trolls in chat on AB then any other server, I don't know why you think otherwise. Welcome to the internet, they are every where. Why, some people would think you are a troll because you have a massive post without any truth at all to it.

    You can enjoy the game just like everyone else. No one is stopping you from killing Avatars but you.
  7. Wirewhisker Well-Known Member

    Holy wall of text...I can't even read that!
  8. Kalderon Well-Known Member

    At least, my eyes are burning ;)
    But to go back to topic, at least on my server, every guild that takes on avatars (not that much at all ^^), have respect to the other guild who wants to pull the avatar. In Short, on my server, no one trys to block or distract the guild/force whos pulling the avatar!
    If you fail to get him killed, you get a rezz from the other force.....
  9. Estred Well-Known Member

    We sometimes have been rezzed by our competing guild and have returned the favor on Guk. Heck on one pull of Sullon they even took out the non-encounter Adds that are just in Great Divide and like to force target your MT. People who kill Avatars are usually quite polite provided you don't trigger their pet peeves about the game. Some will prove otherwise but really any guild that can clear EM-Content has the capacity to pull an Avatar and potentially kill it the issue is learning the script now that the guilds who kill them often, know the scripts and 1 or 2 pull most Avatar's.

    As many have said and myself above. Avatar's are working well the 72 hour spawn time is a great way to ensure that the is NOT a raid force sitting there waiting for the spawn.
  10. Kraeref Well-Known Member

    What is a big deal about paragraphs? You don't like it don't read it.
    For all who just posted only about OP style of typing go get busy or get laid... maybe it will help you to be less mean to others.

    We tried to kill avatars few times but was unsuccessful b/c of lack of knowledge at that time and three other guilds breathing in your neck... so it's always some sort of rush which doesn't really help :)
  11. Draylore Well-Known Member

    Well as painful as it was I did read the whole mess of text.

    It is nothing more than a QQ about losing to the competition on......wait for it........CONTESTED content.

    How is it that people cannot understand what CONTESTED means? What first come first serve means?

    I got to watch a guild fight a Avatar.......that is about as close as I will ever get to one. I have no problem with is how it should be. I definitely did not feel any resentment, self degradation, or sense of incompetence. Just sent a gratz to a few of the players in the guild and off I went to play my game.
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  12. Stormkiller Member

    Made me smile i watched one once and ditto
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  13. Avianna Well-Known Member

    Although I have to agree with a lot of the people on here I am gonna take one snip-it out of that wall of text to comment on:

    When that mob does spawn and that guild (that simply kills the mob to prevent anyone else from killing it) does not have enough on to kill it, they then do everything they can (flying mounts in the air to create lag, spamming challenges and LoN challenges to the players engaged in the encounter to make impossible for them to fairly kill the mob) to prevent anyone else from successfully killing that mob.

    This behavior is indeed malicious, dirty, low-down, and poor player attitudes at play here. I think personally that the devs should come up with an appearance and spell that turns your toon into a lvl 1 infant, complete with pacifier and diaper, and have that be a permanent spell that you cannot cure, all the items you were wearing destroyed, *poof*, gone! There you are, a lvl 1 naked little baby, A reflection of your attitude for all of Norrath to see, only thing to do is delete your toon and start over.

    That is my 2c on how that type of behavior should be dealt with. I guarantee that it would not take much of the devs doing that before that type of behavior was halted real fast.
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  14. Kalderon Well-Known Member

    Well ages ago, i played uo and every player that gets cought (for whatever reason), was ported in to a prison and can´t go nowhere for a long period of time ^^ (yeah its like suspending a account or some, but might light up some peeps ^ ^)
  15. Morphius New Member

    Sorry about the paragraphs. This is my first post as was suggested to me by a GM. The only reason I have brought this up is that a week or so ago, an avatar spawned and we were able to pull it because the dominating guild wasnt able to get enough on in time to kill it before we did. We had it down to 9% on the first pull and killed it on the second pull. It really wasnt that difficult to take down.
    This was our first attempt at an Avatar because they are always taken down by one single guild. So, we are very able to take these guys down, but they are never up.
    As far as a call list goes? Most of us that play this game actually have a job and work for a living and have jobs where we dont have the opportunity to play games while working at our jobs.
    I was told by several in the guild that keeps these Avatars down that the loot sometimes goes to alts but mostly gets muted. That is where I got that from.
  16. Draylore Well-Known Member

    Ah yes the the 'I have a volvo, wife, kids and job' card.

    Well I just have a Jeep and no kids but I do have a I am not able to be in a guild that requires call list. Big deal.....not everything in the game should be available to everyone all the time. The semi-randomness of how the new Avatars spawn is a good thing means that certain time-zone servers or guilds do not get automatically screwed simply because of where they live.

    So somebody from one guild......told you Avatar loot goes to alts or is muted. What does that have to do with anything........its been that way with raid loot forever. Some guilds simply do not like to SLR so when saturated loot drops its either alts or mutes. You accuse them of somehow ruining the game for others because they somehow were suppose to know ahead of time what the Avatar was gonna drop and if it was some item they had reached saturation on they didn't leave it up for someone else? good grief.

    I cannot say for certain but I would guess Avatars have limited loot the chances for 'unneeded' stuff dropping is probably high. I know on my server......i have seen SLR of a few of the same Avatar pieces in /auction many times.

    Step up or shut up.......there is nothing wrong with how the Avatars have been implemented. The game needs stuff that only a select few can muster up the force and will to tackle.
  17. Archaical Active Member

    You want to kill Avatars, here is how.

    Raid Times
    Sunday: 6pm-Midnight PST
    Monday through Thursday: 8pm-Midnight PST
    Call list for Avatars
  18. Draylore Well-Known Member

    But but...he has a real life........a

    Hmm....6-12 PST....EST would be ?? 9pm-3am. I can do that might be a little rough in the morning but doubt anyone would even notice me napping instead of posting on forums =P
  19. Arieste Well-Known Member

    So what we should do then is... when an avatar spawns, make it so that it can't be pulled. Then, we wait until every guild on the server capable of pulling the mob logs in, fields a 24-person raid force, has a civilized discussion with 30-40 other guilds and then once they all decided by consensus which of the 30-40 guilds is "most in need" of the potential drop, then the other guilds leave and that decided guild gets to do the mob for maybe 5-6 hours. If they don't succeed, the server-wide council is reconvenes and the process starts all over. That would be a fair and pleasant experience, right?

    I'm in a casual guild. We raid twice a week and we do not have a call list. In DoV we killed avatars 4 or 5 times. We pulled avatars 15-20 times. In CoE, we've pulled avatars less than 6 times and our only kill was as part of an alliance where we were the minority.

    And you know what, the system is just fine. The difficulty of the avatars is just right. They require a decent showing, but they CAN be killed by guilds other than the most hardcore given the effort. If i really want to kill avatars, I will join a hardcore guild and get on a call list. That is what it takes to kill them regularly. But I am not a hardcore player, so I choose not to do that. But the option is there.

    Frankly, there is virtually nothing left in-game for "hardcore" players. I may not be one of them, but I recognize that they are people too and want to have some content. So if these 6 mobs give them the carrot needed to maintain their chosen playstyle, it's great. There should be content for all kinds of players in the game. And it's not like this content is completely cut off from the rest of us. The random timers and lower difficulty of the mobs allow and encourage many more guilds to participate. Which is great too.

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