Conj,Troub, Channeler, Or Pally/SK Need Guild

Discussion in 'Guild Recruitment' started by Rhoks, Jan 7, 2018.

  1. Rhoks New Member

    Conj and Channeler are cleared all t1 mobs and around 620 resolve Have epics 2.0 no myth.

    Trooub and Pally Have epic 2.0 around 560 resolve and have the keys unlocked as well.

    Can betray to SK if needed. or vice versa with troub to dirge and conj to necro.

    WIll only consider guilds in top 20 listed on Guild Progression. WIll transfer servers.

    Prefer to play tank but currently play channeler in raid
  2. Rhoks New Member

  3. Rhoks New Member

    Bump, cant believe no one wants any of those classes,, would consider betraying also
  4. Uncle Active Member

    play times current wire profile might help
  5. Rhoks New Member

    any time doesnt matter,
    Not linking my toons because I am still in a raid guild. 620+ resolve and t2 ready is all you really need. already in top 15 just saying top 20 so Im not moving backwards
  6. Uncle Active Member

    yup heard enough wish you luck on your search
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  7. Speed New Member

    free bump for not linking profile and expecting a guild
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  8. Rhoks New Member

    Got invites to guild thanks
  9. Microdeath Member

    I must say, you are staying hidden because you are afraid of leaving your current guild and not being able to get loot you should not since you want to leave. You are playing both sides of the fence and really you deserve to get thrown out of your new guild and not allowed back in your old one. If you want to leave, toon up and leave. You got gear and stuff from your old guild so you could go to new guild. Don't be a xitch!!!!! man up! I am sure you will take gear from current guild and then try and move to a new guild as well.
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  10. Rhoks New Member

    got a lot of requests, ty

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