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    Q: Does the Community Resource Council act as player or class advocates?

    A: The goal of the CRC program is not to advocate for specific change, which would imply an adversarial or specific change-oriented relationship. Instead, the goal of the CRC program is to provide the development team with invaluable feedback on game and design issues from a player perspective.

    Q: How do I become a member of the CRC program?

    A: Twice yearly we will review the current membership of the CRC program and see if there are any positions that need to be filled, or members who are not active enough in the program to contribute. During this period, we will reopen the application page to field and vet potential new members.

    Q: What is an NDA? Why does the CRC program require one?

    A: NDA is short for Non-Disclosure Agreement. For the team to get early feedback on a potential change or to be able to request information for future changes that are not yet sufficiently advanced for discussion with the general player community, there needs to be an expectation of privacy, as potential changes which are discussed may not be followed through on or may appear in a radically different manner upon release. An NDA gives us the expectation of confidentiality, and some recourse if that confidentiality is violated.

    Q: What duties are expected of members of the CRC program?

    A: As a completely voluntary program, participation is at each individual member's discretion. Generally, topics will be proposed by the team and each member may respond as they see fit. On occasion, if a member of the program feels there is an issue of sufficient urgency, they may bring it to discussion within the program. As membership is completely voluntary, no participation is required, however members who do not contribute will be replaced as needed as the expectation is of an active and vocal member group.

    Q: What compensation is granted to members of the program? Are their accounts comped?

    A: No compensation or comped accounts are provided to any member of the program for participating in the program. One small benefit that players who participate in the program may possibly receive is early consideration for Beta access. While this is not a perk of the program—because of the close association with members of the development team—program members are often chosen for Beta participation. Members are not automatically granted Beta access, and there is no formal benefit as such.

    Q: Can we see who the members of the CRC program are?

    A: Due to privacy reasons, a list of the CRC program's members will not be made public.However, if a member of the CRC wishes to disclose that they are part of the CRC they are allowed to do that at their discretion.

    Q: What are the eligibility requirements for becoming/being a member of the CRC program?

    A: In order to be eligible for membership in the CRC program, players must have an active account* in good standing and must have a relatively clean forum history free of any significant incidents. Both your in-game history and forum history will be reviewed prior to potential acceptance into the program, as it is important that members have a history of positive contribution before being accepted.

    *Certain members who have a long history of positive contribution and who still actively contribute to the program may, on rare occasion, be retained as "advisors" to the program if their accounts lapse. Such cases are handled on an individual basis.
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