Cannot Reproduce Commission of Scepter of Illum consuming Shadow Balanzite Gem for the TSer

Discussion in 'Resolved' started by Shadowmists, Feb 11, 2021.

  1. Shadowmists Member

    Today, during the commission of a Scepter of Illumination, the process consumed my Shadow Balanzite Gem from my harvest bag. I performed a commission for another toon on Skyfire (Awanta). Awanta placed all the required items in the window including their Shadow Balanzite Gem. The commission resulted in Awanta getting the Scepter.

    However, after the commission was done, my Shadow Balanzite Gem in my harvest bag was gone. I assume it got consumed during the commission. It is a no trade item and is not in the harvest depot. I know it was in my harvest bag before the commission. So, it appears that process didn't just use up Awanta's Gem, it consumed mine as well. I have a petition in as well. But this bug needs to be addressed.
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  2. Shadowmists Member

    In addition, my actual Shadow Balanzite Crystals look surprising lower. I can't confirm how many I had in my harvesting chest, but I think the commission may have pulled out of there as well. Treating the Gems (one from Awanta, one from Me) and then took 8 crystals from my harvesting chest. Which is a real bummer. In the mean time, don't do a commission anywhere close to places that can draw other materials.
  3. Ratalthor Developer

    We have not been able to reproduce this. Can anybody share reproduction steps to get this issue to happen?

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