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Discussion in 'Mages' started by Kristabella, May 12, 2019.

  1. Kristabella Well-Known Member

    New to Coercer, but wanted to know if there is a place where spells are displayed if they take up concentration. How many concentration slots do you get? And is there a list of spells that use concentration, it seems like there are more spells than there are slots for. I get msgs saying I don't have any more concentration available. Can you use the concentration slots for the same concentration spell using different people as the target, do they count as separate slots? (I told you I was new at this lol)
  2. Breanna Well-Known Member

    You get 5 and they are the bars under your name they turn blue when you use something that takes concentration.
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  3. Ra'Gruzgob Well-Known Member

    my coercer skills power of mind, signet of intellect, peaceful link, velocity being active take 1 concentration each. 1 bubble of concentration remains free. This info is displayed when you hover the mouse over the bars below the char name. Peaceful link and velocity are canceled in the vertical display row of enabled skills at the bottom right. I move the pointer on them and in the context menu there is an undo item. The other two are canceled from the hotkey bar. If in combat I use all skills (while the mentioned 4, which require concentration activated), then the inscription about lack of concentration doesn't appear (it doesn't appear at all in this char). These concentration-consuming skills are ordination. But not all ordination skills require concentration. Focus in my char (I think that is related to concentration) is brought to the maximum possible. Someone from my other chars still have a situation with a lack of concentration. But I think this is a temporary phenomenon. I also noted that in 2005 somewhere they wrote that in EQii there are 5 bubbles for a strip of concentration. Apparently this has not changed over the years. But I also read somewhere that each of the skills occupied (in 2005) 3 bubbles at a time. Probably the game was simplified in this regard. Or the reason (i.e., that consumes only 1) is that my toon has the focus pumped, and the ordination is more than 90% of the possible?
  4. Svenone Well-Known Member

    I don't play my coercer that often, so my advice may worth less than the hot air blowing from my nether region...just a warning!

    My coercer tends to run out of concentrated slots fairly quickly, unless I am being a bad coercer and not buffing my group members! :oops: And yes, if a buff is for a single target and you use the same buff on more than one group member, each one will use a concentration slot. Also, some coercer buffs don't have much (if any) real value these days on the live servers, as people probably have the relevant stat capped without your buff. Velocity (Haste) seems a likely candidate for this, and your tank hate buff may be unneeded, too (check with your tank).
  5. Indrajit Member

    Check out the link below. It is very good but the basic info still holds.

    Most importantly, it points out that you need to decide if you are pet-oriented or not. Pets take a lot of your slots. If you are in a group then lose the pets and use those concentration slots to help your group.
  6. Gregore Active Member

    Power of Mind & Velocity are useless buffs that I don't even use when soloing. I've already posted in these forums previously trying to get DBG to fix velocity to no avail....sigh. 99% of the time in raid I have Signet of Intellect and four peaceful links running. If I don't have to put out 4 links then I throw out my recapture, but my links are more valuable than a recapture, even mine at ancient level. I'll be running Signet of Intellect, Recapture, and 3 links for heroic content, Don't forget that you can put a link and recapture on your pet, if there are no other applicable targets in your group to throw them on.

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