[Cobalt Scar Timeline ADV] =Hardcore Solo Mode= Completion with No CoE Expansion

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Kaito, May 6, 2013.

  1. Kaito Member

    For Max Cap 92 Solo Users Only :p

    To be ready, you need Level 92 Gears & a Healing Mercenary (You will die if you don't have since you are soloing).

    For some who are poor like me that don't own CoE will have to use CoE-REFINED Mastercrafted Normal Level 92 Set made by people with CoE Expansion. (If Possible, make to Visionary with Experimentation) :rolleyes:

    Using CoE-Handcrafted Normal 90 might have to die alot but will still be able to finish the Questline.:D
  2. Kaito Member

    For a DOV expansion content like this is suicidal, was hoping there will be some extra stuffs for non-CoE Users example:

    Step 1: Weekly/Daily A Mysterious Blue Coin Tradeskill Quests like the ones at Mara Isle from Far Sea Trading Company.
    Step 2: More Recipes to buy with A Mysterious Blue Coin for other Tradeskillers.
    Example: Level 92 Mastercrafted Normal Level 92 Set Weapons/Armories/Accessories from the New Blue Coin recipes with Stats of ??? (Higher than CoE-Mastercrafted Normal Level 92 & Lower than Cobalt Scar/CoE Quest Reward Equipments because the primary component will be A Mysterious Blue Coin), Equipments uses A Mysterious Blue Coin as primary component (Fair enough if there a Weekly/Daily for non-CoE users)

    Step 3: With enough amount of A Mysterious Blue Coin, maybe they should add a Combine Horse Mount for purchase, Leaper/Glider/Flyer will be out of topic because so far we don't see any Combine NPCs using them.

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