Cloak of the Harvester

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    DominoDev wrote:
    One thing I like in Heritage quests in this game is that they often carry on the story of an item from EQ on to EQ2.
    I would prefer the quest to not try and be the same as it was in EQ, because someone already did that quest and got the item (from a lore perspective). Rather than the Avatar of Below blessing a new shawl, I'd prefer a quest that is about relocating the old one.
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    Thanks Domino for the link and Meirril for the detailed crafting explainations. It took me quite a bit of time to digest what was written back in 2003 on EQ traders.
    I started with the Coldain Ring Quests. Amazing! Crafting was really awesome. It was something special and not just anything, anyone would do. I imagine it really had a nice market, too. EQ2 crafting is kindergarden by comparison. Easy to do and is really nothing very special. One can have a fleet of crafters in very short time.
    The lore behind the Thurgadin shawl quests purdy much centers around the EQ method of crafting. No wonder peeps were saying it was long and very involved. Only a certain few, I bet, would have completed the entire series. Awesome! Now, I understand why some peeps consider it very special.
    Unfortunately, that won't hold in EQ2 where every one wants to run through quests like in a NY second - without any thought, skill, nor special abilities. And if Domino doesn't design something along that path, peeps will complain like crazy.
    Even with the T-9 crafting epic, people complained that it took too dang long and too much time to get their evac reward in 10 days. And these forums are always full of peeps complaining about RNG and rares!
    I suspect, the Coldain Prayer Shawl series will be the same, unfortunately. I, for one, would love to see it turn into something very involved and long. It would only be for those very dedicated to crafting, and not for just anyone, just because they want it - and want it fast, without complications.
    Doing something in various parts like Sword of Destiny or To Speak as a Dragon would really make the Coldain series something awesome. The "Ship Out" series of TSO was a walk in the park and took very little time to run my 6 crafters through. FSSD missions were fun for a bit, then after the 50th plus, it got purdy boring. The Signature Series, "Proof of the Pudding" was fun and kept everyone working at it for quite a while. Although I had one character who did a "crafting raid" for all the 9 parts, my others did them singly. Still it didn't take long, since a lot of peeps have multiple crafters.
    Even so, I hope the eq2 coldain/thurgadin quests would mean something for those who work through it, and wouldn't be a wal-mart for everyone. Let the peeps complain!
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    As long as I need raid of people to fight off invading hordes of Giants and another raids worth to escort me across the zone to get it imbued I am all good!
    Best part of that quest IMO
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    Fyzzl wrote:
    Will you get that raid 6 months from now? :)
  5. ARCHIVED-d1anaw Guest

    Alvane@Unrest wrote:
    Of course there will be. What would the chronic complainers do if they didn't have something to complain about?
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    Alvane@Unrest wrote:
    No it isn't. The two hardest parts of crafting in EQ1 were farming for components and losing everything on a combine. I would also include having to move the components out into whatever tradeskill kit you were using at the time until they overhauled the interface and it would use components from your inventory. Doing Misty Thicket Picnics prior to that was likely to lead to carpal tunnel.
    However, there are no levels in EQ1 tradeskilling. It was entirely skill-based. You tossed your components into your kit, hit Combine and prayed you got a skillup. There was nothing to counter. You couldn't die from the tradeskill implement lashing out at you. You basically moved your components into your kit and hit Combine ad nauseum. Or after the overhaul, you chose the recipe you wanted to make in the interface and hit Combine ad nauseum.
    There were some components you could buy from the vendor. Most components were things like pelts or meats or pieces of metal and crystals that dropped from mobs. So you went out for hours upon hours killing the same things over and over and over and hoping for a drop.
    There was no durability or progress to keep track of in EQ1. Once you hit combine, you either had the product or you didn't have it. So it was entirely possible to farm all of these components and take huge losses either in time or in plat spent because the combine failed to make a product and didn't give you a skillup.
    Now, all of these are tedious. However, tedium does not make something hard. It makes it long and boring and a pain in the behind to do, but it doesn't make it hard.
    If someone had the plat, they could buy up tons of components and hit Combine to their hearts content. They could max out all the basic tradeskills on a single character by doing this, since tradeskills really were "something else to do" instead of actual professions with rewarding questlines and content designed just for them.
    Now, I was a crafting fiend in EQ1. I did the Earring, I did the Shawl, I did the Aid Grimel quests that you had to raid to even be able to start. I was a proud member of the "X" Club (what we called ourselves when we had max in all basic tradeskills - we even had server lists of who was on it) on more than one of my characters. I loved tradeskilling in EQ1.
    But it wasn't hard. It was special to me because I was proud of my accomplishment, but it was easy to do if you had the components and in comparison to tradeskill interfaces in other games it wasn't anything really all that special. It was long and boring and I would have rather had a hole in my head than farm another wyvern pelt at times. That didn't make it difficult, though.
    EQ2 has some advantages, and it has some disadvantages. I personally think having to keep track of durability and progress and having that whole interface with countering is a LOT more work than tossing things into a container and hitting Combine.
    I think gathering materials is easier in EQ2, and one of the greatest things is that there actually is the concept of a character who doesn't adventure in EQ2. This was unhead of in EQ1. You adventured, and you might dabble in tradeskilling, which was made incredibly easy since you could do all of them on that single character so you didn't have to choose, but it was much more of an afterthought there. Tradeskilling definitely receives a lot more thought and consideration and love than it did in EQ1.
    EQ2 tradeskilling has a complexity in implementation of the interface that EQ1 never even scratched the surface of. EQ1 had the far more involved system of acquiring materials and a harsher system of progression and consequences for failure. EQ2 makes tradeskills able to stand on their own as a viable way to play the game. EQ1 let you not need a stable of alts to feed your tradeskill addiction.
    I don't consider either system "Easy Mode". Each has their easier parts in comparison to the other and each has their harder parts in comparison to the other.
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    Well I guess the flavor of the moment is with the thoughts of the "Coldain Shawl" - and there is a thread here :) all about it.
    I was just asking what folks thought about the continuation of the Cloak of the Harvester. Seems like it's not a popular topic compared to the Coldain Shawl. Thank you to those of you who did offer your thoughts on the cloak.
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    Concerning the cloak of the harvester. Going up one additional tier wouldn't be overly challenging. A small boost would be cool on the cloak, but T9 is pretty easy to harvest in anyway. I could see a small boost being added if there was really a need, but maybe the cloak would be better left as it is and added as a prerequisite for the shawl, as someone mentioned above.
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    Gwyneth@Najena wrote:
    Thanks Gwyneth for putting things into perspective. I could only guess from what I read, what EQ crafting/harvesting actually involved. Since my perspective only comes from experience in EQ2 crafting, I am rather limited to my imagination.
    It's nice to read in detail from someone who has experience in both everquests. Thank you for the enlightenment and PoV.
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    Extra rare chance would be nice my personal choice would be to allow people who complete a t9 level for the harvesting cloak to give Qho the gift he really deserves.


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