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  1. Lifebane New Member

    Hello. I've been poking around and can't find anything current that shows what the percent breakdown is for what classes are being played. For lack of that, I poked around on EQ2u and did searches of Maj'dul by class. It's not official Daybreak data, but it's the only data I can find right now that is accessible and current. My first search was just plain old who is adventure level 110.

    This are the results for Level 110 Adventurers on Maj'Dul Server:

    Class | Number |% Total
    Assassin | 292 | 2.46%
    Beastlord | 478 | 4.02%
    Berserker| 492 |4.14%
    Brigand | 245 |2.06%
    Bruiser | 282 |2.37%
    Channeler| 269 |2.26%
    Coercer | 352 |2.96%
    Conjuror | 720 |6.06%
    Defiler | 433 |3.64%
    Dirge | 407 |3.42%
    Fury | 536 |4.51%
    Guardian | 282 |2.37%
    Illusionist | 414 |3.48%
    Inquisitor | 429 |3.61%
    Monk | 490 |4.12%
    Mystic | 373 |3.14%
    Necromancer| 773 |6.50%
    Paladin | 497 |4.18%
    Ranger | 653 |5.49%
    ShadowKnight| 755 |6.35%
    Swashbuckler| 344 |2.89%
    Templar | 330 |2.78%
    Troubador| 387 |3.26%
    Warden | 570 |4.79%
    Warlock | 519 |4.37%
    Wizard | 567 |4.77%
    TOTAL | 11,889
    Our winners for the most played classes are:
    Necromancer| 773 | 6.50%
    ShadowKnight| 755 | 6.35%
    Conjuror| 720 | 6.06%
    Ranger | 653 | 5.49%
    And our bottom of the bucket classes, which are probably no surprise are:
    Guardian| 282 |2.37%
    Bruiser| 282 |2.37%
    Channeler| 269 |2.26%
    Brigand| 245 |2.06%
    Since I can't see information such as "last login" data, I toyed with EQ2u's search system and broadened the searches to level 110 adventurer with 350 AA. My logic here was that this represents more of a current skew for folks that are playing now (aka maxed AA). Ideally, login activity data would be available to really understand the current state of things but this was all I had and was a fun exercise (sad I know). The same classes topped the list and were at the bottom of it once again:
    Class |lvl 110/350 AA| % Total
    Assassin| 264| 2.46%
    Beastlord| 428 |3.99%
    Berserker |446 |4.16%
    Brigand |223| 2.08%
    Bruiser |207| 1.93%
    Channeler |240 |2.24%
    Coercer |321| 2.99%
    Conjuror |658 |6.13%
    Defiler |397| 3.70%
    Dirge |377| 3.51%
    Fury| 476| 4.43%
    Guardian |248| 2.31%
    Illusionist| 364 |3.39%
    Inquisitor| 402 |3.75%
    Monk| 443 |4.13%
    Mystic| 337 |3.14%
    Necromancer |703| 6.55%
    Paladin| 449 |4.18%
    Ranger| 597 |5.56%
    ShadowKnight |684 |6.37%
    Swashbuckler| 317 |2.95%
    Templar |301| 2.80%
    Troubador |355 |3.31%
    Warden| 520 |4.84%
    Warlock| 459 |4.28%
    Wizard| 518 |4.83%
    TOTAL| 10,734
    Our winners for the most played classes with 350 AA are:
    Necromancer |703| 6.55%
    ShadowKnight |684 |6.37%
    Conjuror |658 |6.13%
    Ranger |597 |5.56%
    And our bottom of the bucket classes, which are probably no surprise are:
    Guardian |248 |2.31%
    Channeler |240 | 2.24%
    Brigand |223| 2.08%
    Bruiser |207|1.93%
    So fun items to point out:
    • The most played class are Necromancers with 6.55% of the population.
    • The least played class Bruisers with 1.93% of the population based on this dataset... go figure.
    • Necromancers and Shadowknights are the obvious popular kids in school.
    • While the average change from level 110 adventurer to level 110 adventurer with 350 AA's was around 10%, Bruisers were the king of "abandon ship" with 26.6% of Bruisers disappearing... Hello Betrayed Monks!!
    • Speaking of Monks, they represent 4.13% of all characters with level 110 adventurer and 350 AA. AKA, more than double the number of their class counterpart, Bruisers.
    Disclaimer: this was all pulled from EQ2u. Not the ideal dataset but it was available so here it is. Do with this what you will.
  2. Glynt Member

    And no surprise then that Channellers are broken and Bruisers completely useless compared to monk. Perhaps it's time to look at the classes i'm not sure they have the inclination to try balance so many classes.
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  3. Svenone Well-Known Member

    Keep in mind that the data on EQ2u is OPTin data, so anybody who does not allow their data to be collected doesn't show up.

    Other than that, I am rather surprised that brigs are so low in the ranks, what with the problems that Swashys seem to have these days (or so I hear), and Brigs are just plain fun to play (no bias here! ;) ). Guards? Sure, a single target tank is going to have trouble these days. Channelers? I think most people just don't know how to play them (I certainly don't!) Bruisers? Only look in the Fighter class forums to see the litany of woes they face.

    The "winners" are not surprising, either. T1 DPS/AOE Tanks are bound to fare well with the way encounters are designed these days.
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  4. Lifebane New Member

    Heya Svenone. You're absolutely right about the optin data aspect. The data is the best as I could find. I'd love to see some data from Daybreak, but I think that would make matters worse for the forgotten classes. I'd love to see a dev respond and share some of their own data or share their thoughts on the classes at the bottom of that list.
  5. Arclite Well-Known Member

    I would divide those numbers per class by 10 and even then it will not be a representative of the class population. In those numbers, you will people who have bot army of max level toons which are used to farm stuff. Then you have neglected alts which are never played. Then you have redundant new players may be trying out the max level buff to level a class and then quitting game.

    I would very much doubt out of "248 guardians" you actually have 248 people playing that class, a better estimate would be about 50-75 spread over the servers and that is being overly generous.
  6. Errrorr Well-Known Member

    Best bet is likely to do some form of achievement check. See how many have killed final named in an easy T1 zone, an easy T2 zone, a raid zone etc. etc. This will generally rule out unplayed/old alts.

    It'll rule out solo players ofc too.
  7. Fistpower Well-Known Member

    Its hilarious so few people channeler because they are by far the best MT healers the game have ever had.

    But then again, if every guild has the need for one and there is 51 guilds raiding in the entire world (as shown on progression site) the numbers makes sense.
  8. Errrorr Well-Known Member

    Until intercepts broke in the expac :(
  9. splatterpunk28 Well-Known Member

    It's an opt out situation; the default is that your information is shared on eq2u. You're also pulling from the most populated server. I think if there were mergers, you'd find a significant change. There are very few raiders worldwide now and PUG is rare outside of TLE due to population (molo not an option on TLE). Consider your bottom four classes, two of those would have made AB's top four in raw numbers.

    On AB (110/350AA):
    Top 4: SK (292), Necro (270), Wiz (239), Warden (221)
    Bottom 4: Channeler (72), Brig (82), Bruiser (87), guard (91)

    On FG (90/250AA):
    Top 4: SK (82), Dirge (62), Troub (52), Necro (46)
    Bottom 4: Bruiser (7), Conjy (15), Monk (16), Brig (19)

    Before FG really had their dip in numbers mid-TSO, it was fairly balanced outside of SKs, brawlers and conjys. Healthy population where grouping and raiding is actually the norm and soloing is unusual, severely under or overplayed classes are usually an indication of them being broken or overpowered.
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  10. AvenElonis New Member

    I have played a Guardian since start of game - have played almost all the classes at one time or another - and this is still my favorite :)
  11. Bhayar Well-Known Member

    This is an excellent observation on all counts. Why so many necros?'s become a favorite class for harvesting, especially in this xpac where you seldom can harvest anything without drawing constant aggro and they're fun to play. Swashies are absolutely fun and they've seen some love. They bring a lot of value to a group as opposed to brigands. Mercs don't do enough damage to be worth a crap. Bottom line, there are a lot of 110/Max 350 toons that are sitting idle on servers these days. I've got 15 toons and 14 are max level. Most sit idle because current game mechanics make trying to play them pointless. Many people indicate that you can manage trying to work with maybe 2-3 toons top and keep them current. The days--and joy--of working with a number of alts in an xpac is done. Which is an odd gaming decision on DBG's part, because if you want people to spend money on toons, you don't make it next to impossible to actually want to play said toons in this xpac. And I'm not even going to hazard a guess how many people aren't even playing the game since this xpac launched and chose to flick it in since they already have a day time job.
  12. Earar Well-Known Member

    as he said, u cannot check last time played ..

    but I for exemple have 8 toons lvl 110/350 AA (at least lvl 15 in 1 asc and on that 2 have 1 asc lvl 20) .. I log them all almost everyda for the plants .. so u could think I play them ... but actually I only play one toon.

    what you'd need to evaluate is already toons with lvl 20 ascension classes ... would be more accurate .. but I don't think it's possible through the EQ2u search
  13. Redlight Well-Known Member

    In all honesty, these numbers don't say much. So many players are hidden. As well as unplayed alts in there.
  14. Rupe New Member

    At the risk of being accused of necroposting, I would like to weigh in on this topic. It is my opinion that EQ2 is on the decline. I belong to a guild that has been for the most part abandoned. We have 164 members with 54 accounts, however the actual number of active accounts is 3. I have heard similar problems with other guilds. I became a trustee of another guild about 6 months ago that has also gone belly up. People who in the past have shared their info may no longer be active, so their info may not be considered. It would be nice if there was a way for DB games to provide better data.
  15. Feldon Well-Known Member

    That is a great feature request!

    A few years into the availability of the API, I learned that the percentage of characters opted out was between 5 and 8%. Of course things may have changed since then. My commitment to privacy has not.
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