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  1. iromaw New Member

    I'm a new joiner of the game. Never played before, although, I playedMMO's myentire life, so I know what are the roles etc. I usually like to play group oriented classes, buffers,debuffersand healers specially. I don't like straight forward classes, and Iam more attracted to more deep mechanics classes. I saw many classes, like enchanter, shaman,druid, enchanter...butI am a bit lost. Maybe more experienced players can give me a hand with this?
    Just a list of stuff I like:
    • hots and dots (damage and healing over time)
    • shields
    • debuffs (to prevent damage)
    • Not necessarely too much mobility
    • Combos/mechanic based characters
    And what I do not like:
    • pets
    • Burst damage
    • melee
    In general, I like supportive / group oriented classes, not necessarely healer, but also healers.
    thanksin advance!
  2. Mermut Well-Known Member

    If you don't like melee and don't like pets but what to play buffer/supoort, you're pretty much stuck with healers. The two buffing/support mages(illusionist and coercer) are both pet classes. The two other primary buffing claases are the bards (trouby/dirge), both of which are scouts/melee.

    The non-melee healers are defilers, templars and furies.
    Defilers are shaman and wear chain. Shaman's primary 'heals' are wards, which soak up damage before it hits their target
    Templars are clerics and wear plate. Their primary heals are 'reactives' which are triggered heals. They are cast before damage happen and when the target takes damage they automatically use up a trigger to cast a heal on the target. With epic 2.0, templars are almost shaman, since they already have a single target ward and epic 2.0 turns their group arcane ward into a group ward vs all damage
    Furies are druids and wear cloth. Their primary heals are HoTs.

    Defilers are the strongest out of the gate, but templars are argueably stronger once they get their epic 2.0
    Furies are more of a struggle at end game with the current healing mechanics/balance, but can still be rewarding if you prefer their sytle of play.
  3. Fairin Active Member

    you'd do well with Troub for your jack of all trades class

    with your likes and dislikes,
    nopet? no (conj/necro/sk/assassin/ranger/beastlord)
    no burst dmg? (no assassin/ranger)
    no melee? (brig swash dirge assassin)

    your healer would be fury / shaman(defiler / mystic) with the defiler being the class favorite atm.

    your Fighterclass would be guardain (stoneskin timing heavy tank)

    your dps class would be Troub / wizard / warlock

    mobility is bard only really, healers got their own flavor for 10s (for moving and casting)

    channeler is a healer class i haven't played / bought / only heard bad things about, but needs to be a serious main to be played well. and might fit you as a new player open to new things - however they are a pet oriented class

    bonus points for troub meeting your criteria is everyone wants one in the group >:)
  4. Carynn Well-Known Member

    For your specifics, I would say try the channeler. It's a ranger/healer with a mechanic that takes time to learn to use properly. That being said, if you are going to play on live, you can try out all the classes and see what you like. Use the free level 95 trial and play each of the classes for a week with at-level content (Tranquil/Phantom Sea). You may find you enjoy something you didn't think you would.

    It also depends on if you are playing on the live server or on TLE, as the game plays differently in both. And if you're on live, if you are thinking of using a level 100 boost. TLE currently has groups going at most levels; live only groups at end game.
  5. Vunder Well-Known Member

    Channelers are a difficult class to master.

    However, once done, they are one of the strongest healers in the game. Don't let the nay sayers push you away from them. Most only know bad channelers or channelers that have not got the swing of things down. But this requires pet management, a lot of it. On top of that quite a few of your heals require a target to attack, so if you tank drops target or F1's himself. you will need to be ready for a subset of heals to keep him alive.
  6. Blazen Member

    Fury's wear leather but at times feels like cloth. LOL
  7. Mermut Well-Known Member

    derp... yeah... I should know as a warden.. I'd like to blame it on the typo demon.. but it doesn't spell that well :p
  8. knine Well-Known Member

    What you really need to do is decide which one of the ascension masters you want to become (most are etherealists now), sub-classes don't really matter lol. Any healer will get it done for you :)
  9. Treiko Active Member

    Channeler is a solid choice. I may be a bit biased though :p
    You did say no pets, and channeler has one, however it is not a source of damage (think fly buzzing around your head) but it is a main source of their healing mechanic. The pet is simply there to prevent some damage to your tank/group. You use a bow for your attacks and even some healing, which I love. They also have a heal over time so check that off your list :p If that does not work for you, fury is a fun choice - blow stuff up between heals (mainly HoT). I can't really speak on behalf of defiler, I could never stand to lvl one. I do have a templar but not a lot of experience with him yet. I do know they are strong healers though.

    I will say this in closing: your list really limits what you will find satisfactory to play. There are 26 classes in this game, and your list cuts that down to less than 5. I am going to suggest trying something outside of your comfort zone... like a necro. Lots of dots, steady damage, pretty limited burst. Yes, pet... but other than setting it to passive and macroing /pet attack to soul rot, you never really have to do anything with it. It's basically how I handle all my pets. I hope you find the class you enjoy :)
  10. AarChon New Member

    I'd go with Illy based on what you said.
    It has a pet, but isn't really a pet class. Lots of dots, lots of combined mechanics.

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