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    @Kander & @Caith Feel free to ban everyone using this. I couldn't figure out how the Russians knew exactly where I was in zone, but now I know how. Feel free to fix this issue. It's honestly toxic af. #DisablecensustrackingfromPVP. This nice little gem was posted on HAIL Discord just fyi; #feelsbad.
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  3. Okanagan Member

    Too bad it's updated every 30min and completely useless
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  4. Adoninilol Well-Known Member

    Public census data is a bannable offense?
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  5. Kitty Ninja Member

    But, but.

    Without this I can not track victims players
    who hang around the bells all day
    and all night.:p
  6. Surgeon Active Member

    The only thing that amazes me is Drew being able to write a script that queries Census ;)
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  7. Adoninilol Well-Known Member

    He didn't write it, he's barely capable of forming a cohesive sentence.
    I'd rather have the census and have a chance at having some pvp. I invite every player to look me up, and for once fight. It takes a few hours before you have any good pvp, unless it's at contesteds. Which no one really cares about because they're on such a short timer that you can kill them, then they respawn by the time the euro's get off work.

    As it stands right now I log in, run around lava/everfrost/feerrot/EL/OOLS, everyone evacs away when my group comes. Then I log out after killing some sad soul trying to disco xp up for a few free fame.
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  8. Siren Well-Known Member

    If so many of you hadn't exploited disco XP and SC pots to go from 1-50 in 2 hours and then sat around in EL /shouting that you were buying and selling kills every night in between farming your alts and guildies, there might be a lot more people left on Nagafen.

    As it is, everyone who got disgusted has left. Enjoy the server that you have made. Let's hope Daybreak does a much better job banning cheaters during season 2, or you won't have a PvP server left to complain about. As it is, current Nagafen has desperately needed a nuke for a good two weeks now at least.
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  9. Davito Active Member

    1. Anyone who played right on launch was already level 30+ organically through pvp/quests and grinding, only like 3 hours in. Then we saw a group of Caroticutter running around at 50 already, and found out by asking that disco xp was a thing. It then look around an hour to get 50 from there, which would have otherwise taken 2 hours to continue leveling organically. Between that and the fact that they took disco xp out for only a few days before re-adding it. Really wish people would stop using the disco xp thing as an excuse for their own lazyness.

    2. XP pots are not an exploit. Neither was the disco xp, or clearly it would not have been put back in.

    3. People get disgusted when they realize they aren't as good at eq2 as they thought or get outplayed. That is completely normal.

    4. To this day there has been 1 person in the guild that has killed alts, and that was to get the crossbow (which 5+ random people already had, because they had already done that). Removing the the silly Hunters crossbow or making tokens no-trade would have easily fixed this entire issue. And no, noone farms alts for fame, so yes, the crossbow is the only reason to kill alts.
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  10. Siren Well-Known Member

    1. L30 in 2 hours my foot: every 50 was still running around in their t1 gear so you have no idea how long the leveling curve is or is not. Not to mention that when Daybreak originally plugged the exploit the Monday after launch and left it plugged for a week, most of the server was still in t1 and t2 for that week. I made it a point to inspect all the passers-by I could to decide if I was going to stay after seeing the XP pots in the shop, and I was one of the first Qs into t3 to the point there was practically no one in t3 to PvP. Things hadn't changed much until a week later when they re-enabled the exploit, a couple days after which much more of the server either outright left or exploited to 50 along with you to "catch up," because all the original cheaters had a leg up on the leaderboards.

    2. Xp pots are indeed an exploit, and labeled as such by Kander in the FAQ pinned to this very forum. Learn to read. *And* learn to admit your mistakes. If we stop getting PvP servers, you and the other exploiters will be the #1 reason. Thanks for wrecking the server while making so many legit players across the tiers leave, emptying out PvP and the broker in every tier leading to 50.

    3. People get disgusted when the server they've been waiting for is immediately infested with cheaters who are simply incapable of getting legit kills on players or mobs, as evidenced not only by the disco dance to 50, but by their continual selling and buying of kills in /shout every night.

    4. Look at the leaderboards, which clearly show the top names at 1300+ purported kills, but with only a couple hundred or a few hundred unique kills. Clearly most everyone is farming alts and guildies repeatedly.

    Again, thanks for wrecking the server for everyone.
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  11. Xianthia Well-Known Member

    I don't have a dog in this race, so take my question with that in mind. Specifically, how does Kander mention this is an exploit? The xp pots are in the marketplace and that's part of the game, so a developer calling them an exploit surprises me as ... you know... it's their game and they made the xp pots available. Am I misunderstanding how the xp pots are obtained? Again, only being curious.
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  12. Sigrdrifa Well-Known Member

    The schadenfreude watching these threads... /smdh
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  13. Siren Well-Known Member

    Using XP pots combined with team XP pots and discovery XP alone to go 1-50 in a couple hours without even killing a mob, getting one PvP kill, or doing even a single quest is an exploit. This is not what the XP pots were designed for-- they were made for adventure and quest XP increases to a certain XP cap.

    Kander already deemed this an exploit, and the devs patched the discovery XP by nerfing it to get rid of the exploit. People also exploited on Kaladim this way and the devs patched it there, too. They just re-enabled the exploit a week later on Nagafen only, until DoF launches, because some PvPers felt "left behind."
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  14. Xianthia Well-Known Member

    You mentioned that Kander specifically mentions xp pots being an exploit. I read the faq from kander about the exploration exploit. My question is directly about the xp pots. They are available across the board on live, tle. I, of course, may have missed that quote from him. That is what prompted my question.

    Edit to clarify and be sure we are both discussing the same thing - xp pots for me = experience pots, purchased from the marketplace
  15. Siren Well-Known Member

    We are talking about Station Cash XP pots, yes, but they're being used in a way they were unintended for; they were layered on teams and combined with discovery XP only to ding from level 1 to level 50 in a couple hours.

    I thought my previous post's quote of, "If so many of you hadn't exploited disco XP and SC pots to go from 1-50 in 2 hours and then sat around in EL /shouting that you were buying and selling kills every night in between farming your alts and guildies, there might be a lot more people left on Nagafen" was self-explanatory.

    The way the SC XP pots were used, meaning combining them on teams and running around using only discovery XP only for a couple hours and going from level 1 to level 50 that way doing nothing else, is the exploit. Discovery XP was nerfed down so hard that even using XP pots in the future, this will not happen. Here's the PvP forum link and post from Kander:

    "So we have been striving to make the best PvP situation for Nagafen. We want there to be fun PvP. That is why we launched the seasonal server. The exploit of using the exploration experience to level, and keep in mind we do consider this an exploit, was fixed quickly because that is what we do."
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  16. Flightrisk Well-Known Member

    I think part of the exploit concerning the xp pots relates to the fact that up to now , at least on live , you can only have one experience booster at a time running .
    It was completely unexpected that experience boosters were allowed to stack.. on any server. hence the exploit tag.
    to be honest any experience boosters on a pvp server are a particularly poor idea unless you make them available to every player, at best you are setting up rich against poor , which is what pay to win boils down to.. and why those of us with less disposable income get more than a little 'hot' about.
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  17. Siren Well-Known Member

    All live servers (I just checked Skyfire myself) plus Kaladim and Nagafen all have the "Superior Potion of Allied Advancement," a 2-hour, stackable, 50% group XP buff to Adventure, AA and Tradeskill XP (nowhere does it mention having any effect on discovery XP, which was the exploit used on the new TLs, and was clearly an unintended effect). The pot itself says, "This effect stacks with itself and other potions."

    I don't exploit in games, and I don't buy XP pots so I've never tried it. I like leveling and actually playing the game, not exploiting from 1-50 in 2 hours flat. I don't order my food pre-chewed, either, lol. However, stacking this particular pot with the former levels of naturally-occurring Discovery XP led to the exploit.

    Now Discovery XP has been permanently nerfed quite a bit (at least on Kaladim, and it is soon to be re-nerfed on Nagafen once DoF launches in another week or so). This really isn't fair, as Discovery XP was fine by itself. It was the way this particular stackable "Superior Potion of Allied Advancement" pot combined itself with disco XP that was the problem. Daybreak should have disabled this pot from increasing Discovery XP instead. Now we all have permanently nerfed Discovery XP because of some exploiters on Nagafen and Kaladim, nice.
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  18. Gillymann Well-Known Member

    Kander's comments about disco/pots pinning the blame on players is laughable.

    First of all, players had nothing to do with the amount of exp disco awarded. Blaming the players for that is ridiculous.

    Secondly, the only reason it was called out was because >>>>DBG wants to sell experience potions<<<<.

    You can be assured that upon the next reset, it will take far more potions to get to level cap. It's a p2w mechanic, and there will be plenty who will gladly pony up to the shop to gain an advantage.

    Lastly, I can't be the only one who has noted the deafening silence from DBG about people rolling multiple accounts to farm kills.

    I just said this in the pvp section, but it bears repeating: it appears cheating is really only cheating if DBG doesn't make money from it.
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  19. Siren Well-Known Member

    Bolded by me and QFT. I said this same thing in the PvP forums, too: Re-enabling the disco XP/SC pots exploit sends the message that exploiting is okay, as long as Daybreak makes money off it. That's just gross. Probably they care a lot less because they're wiping in a couple months anyway.

    I wish they would put up Deathtoll TL PvP with factional PvP and Exiles again, keep the stackable XP pots out of it, and concentrate on banning exploiters and balancing the classes and gear.
  20. Okanagan Member

    Delusional. Newsflash, anyone who knows what they are doing and is willing to grind can (and did) hit 30, 50 in less than a day without using the disco xp. People have done it one very single TLE since they existed. Yes the disco xp made it easier, but don't sit there and claim that the 'hardcore' players weren't capable of hitting 50 in a day without it.
    Again, you don't know what you are talking about. The total kills are so large due to Raid vs Raid pvp, clearly something you are not a part of. When 24 people from one guild, kill 24 people in another guild while contesting a raid mob, and they do this multiple times per mob, the kills wrack up into the hundreds easily for a single contested mob, all the while each of those 24 people only count once for a unique kill. Not a single person on this server has killed their alt '1300 times'.

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