Channeler: What is the Best Setup for a DPS Focus?

Discussion in 'Priests' started by TinyRatongaofDoom, May 20, 2021.

  1. TinyRatongaofDoom Beau Wintertail the Ratonga

    Am curious if anyone has any suggestions or something, my main is a level 120 Channeler but, since I solo most of the time, I wonder if the default AA setup is fine or if I can go for a better setup, I've never been great with AAs on my own so, when EQ2 started doing automated ones, it made me kinda happy but, I heard they're not great.
  2. Madiya New Member

    I would love to find a GREAT dps setup. Yes I know I will sacrifice heals for DPS. I went to eq2wire and did search for channeler and the top couple DPS peeps. I was rather disappointed by the results.
  3. Smashey Well-Known Member

    You cant really play channeler wrong.. OR even use a "wrong" AA build. Just keep your conduit dot up and spam bolt to keep the stacks going of your new buff, keep the HoT up on your construct, spam construct sacrifice as much as you possible can manage without getting your construct <75% then vector of life on CD staying behind your entire raid and then just spam whatever CA is up.

    The only mistake a channeler can do is when the construct for whatever reason decides to run through the entire instance mid fight meaning intercept isnt on the group or tank. That's litteraly it. Even if you do nothing and just stand there with your construct you will be healing the 2nd or 3rd most in your raid.
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  4. Bhayar Well-Known Member

    Not picking on you specifically, but this is a common problem we often see with people picking a new class to play and they want a good "spec." So they copy the AA spec of one of the top players. Here's the problem. Typically, the "top players" are raiders. Which means what AA spec they have takes the stats from that gear into account when they build/fine tune their spec. That raid gear (armor, jewelry, weps, mount, etc.) aren't likely to be remotely accessible to a player in a new class. Bottom line, if you're creating a new toon in a class (doesn't matter if you used a bauble and got it to 120 instantly), using a top player's spec is going to be problematic if you can find one that isn't hidden. By all means, use it as a goal. But find a player that's ahead of you and look at their spec. Play it and learn your class and all its advantages and disadvantages. As you get better gear, you can review your spec and fine tune it. Eventually, you'll get better. But understand this fundamental: some players are really good because they're really good at that class. They understand the class inside and out. You may copy their spec, but you may never come close to the results they put up. Put another way, you might have Danica Patrick's jumpsuit and car, but you'll never drive like she does. Or hit home runs like Hank Aaron if you had his bat, or play golf like Jack Nicklaus because you bought his pitching wedge. Not trying to beat you down, but the notion you can copy someone's spec and that's your pathway to success is probably not realistic. An AA spec is a reflection of what they have and how they maximize their performance.
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