Cataclysm on Varsoon TLE Recruiting

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    Cataclysm of Varsoon is recruiting!

    All players of different play styles are welcome to join. You don’t need to be a raider.
    For our raid team we are looking for a fulltime Troub.

    Raid times : Tuesday/Wednesday/Sunday and optional Friday 8pm-11pm est

    Contact anyone from our guild if interested.

    Shattered lands progression cleared in only 6 weeks after recruiting our raid force.

    Cataclysm was formed way back in 2004 on Lavastorm server.
    Leaders are experienced raiders.
    Zero tolerance drama policy.

    We are building a community of players who like to play and relive all the classic content of Everquest 2 with hopes staying together for future servers and even new MMORPG’s. If any ever release…
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