Can we just have Deathtoll back.

Discussion in 'PvP TLE Discussion' started by Jarvan, Aug 23, 2019.

  1. Jarvan New Member

    Remember when you used to care about pvp? Seemed so excited about it and fought for a TLE PVP server and it thrived until it was neglected. now we've again been given season 2 of a dumpster fire.

    Just revert and give us a Perm Deathtoll 2.0 - so that we can hold a population and enjoy the game before its dead for good.

    Looking for that red response Kander, for nostalgia's sake
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  2. Siren Well-Known Member

    I really wish Daybreak would ditch the seasons and put up a permanent TL-Progression PvP server, too.

    Maybe they'll surprise us with Deathtoll for our 15th anniversary this November! :cool:
  3. Frostfang Member

    You're asking for DBG to care and that is already too much.
  4. Obano Well-Known Member

    I agree with this topic. Seasonal PvP just isn't working.

    Bring back Deathtoll 2.0 instead of doing season 3 on Nagafen.
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  5. Prasecisqo New Member

    Yes, ther is no need big care... Just small fixes so that CC clases can be competitive, tone down mobs HP which is CRAZY on Nagafen, and make it regular TLE with PvP enabled. /fixed
  6. Jarvan New Member

    Week 4? more updates for TLE and live. No fixes or updates for Nagafen, no replies, no attention, no Dev presence on forums.

    Just sell the game to someone else that gives a damn, since you guys don't seem to. Just outright pathetic. Truly hope the Developers who have been around since the beginning of EQ2 resign out of shame for the piss poor job you guys do.
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  7. Somedude Active Member

    Probably not going to do much for the 30 people still playing. Maybe losing money just keeping the server on ;)
  8. Siren Well-Known Member

    WoW Classic, which just launched yesterday, has tons of PvP servers up now, and over 30 servers in all.

    I don't like it as much as EQ2, but it sure feels good knowing everything I do on my characters will never be wiped! I feel much better investing time in permanent servers versus a 3 month seasonal event server. At least EQ2's TL Prog servers merge into live servers after a couple years-- even that would be much better than 90 day seasons and wipes.

    Put a permanent TL PvP Deathtoll back up, and either disable level locking again or limit AAs to prevent too much player power from building up and scaring off new players.

    Otherwise, this season is a vast improvement over the others. I even love the hard mode mobs and XP rate-- it's closer to launch without being as slow as Fallen Gate was back at launch. Crafting speed is good, too.

    And if we are allowed to roll as many characters per gold account as we have room to make on a permanent TL PVP, people will get more invested, stay longer, and spend more money in the cash shop. Plus, fluff items could be added, and would sell much better than on a temporary server.

    Please give us Deathtoll for our 15th anniversary!
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  9. Clintsat Active Member

    Just curious, if everyone loved Deathtoll, why did it close?
  10. Jarvan New Member

    because when the game got into KoS it had major balance issues. Such as obscene mob dmg, health, etc. and a plethora of PvP balance issues that were never address. We all quit, very reluctantly. I played on Deathtoll until almost the very end, with Solaris and i can say it was a very bittersweet ending for all of us, none of us wanted to quit, but there was no one left but us. Because the Devs stopped taking care of the server.

    I urge you to look at the number of accounts on Deathtoll, compared to both of these temp servers. The number are astronomically different, due to it being a permanent server, and it was actually decent in shattered lands, and dof was fine even with dispatch being busted af. CC worked, you had all different classes pvping. literally every class was playable and viable. Hell, Siril was a Dreadnaught wizard in DoF and upwards because cc worked and he knew the finesse to his class.

    Now theres no skill in this game. CC is gone. paladin heals are dumpster-ed. scouts poisons are too strong, along with their broken "interrupt" proc, Berserkers are the black sheep of melee community(bloodrage is broken, crit bonus is taken from juggernaut, insolence has no pvp threat) SK is only busted due to everything else not working efficiently.

    its a **** show. and they dont care.
  11. Satyr Well-Known Member

    In DoF brigands picked up a bugged skill which let them practically one-shot most players solo. Inevitably this led to a few people spending their time ganking AFKs and crafters in the cities. I was the best geared tank on the server and I would die at the broker if I couldn't lay on hands instantly. It took all of 4 months? (all of DoF, wasn't fixed until KoS) to fix. This was one ability that needed to be retemplated - and people were begging for a fix for months (and warning the devs pre launch too). Pre-KoS this led to the bulk of casual players quitting.

    At the launch of KoS all ranged weapons were nerfed down to a zero damage rating i.e. they didn't work. This meant that rangers did no damage in PVP, and a few other classes like troubadors had their damage cut massively. This was never fixed and a whole bunch of scouts quit.

    During KoS the content was broken and it was effectively impossible to raid. This was never fixed and also put Stormhold on life support. Naturally on Deathtoll, which was a smaller server, with the population split between three factions who couldn't group, this just killed it.

    There were two guys who used an external cheat program to warp around the map and cause havoc; and another person who was a serial exploiter who caused a bit of damage. All three had ridiculously high play times and were always online causing trouble. They were never banned despite numerous reports. The only people who were banned were people who posted videos of them in frustration on the forums. Those three also came back for season 1 and did the same thing - and took a while to get banned too.

    Of course, there were other things that annoyed people: unitemised gear etc but really, those four things are what killed it for most people. On the whole I think a lot of people had a really good time. Fighting over contesteds was awesome:

    And yeah, Solaris was a time. Shame my work schedule has changed, I won't be able to invest in a US time guild again like that :(
  12. Drew575 Active Member

    Look at this pleb trying to revisit history...i remember making your whole guild rage quit in permafrost 3 days into nagafen season 1.
  13. Fleshdecay Well-Known Member

    In the back at the 45 second mark, seeing Drew run off the edge and die as the raid fight starts will forever be one of my favorite clips of all time.
  14. Jarvan New Member

    he doesn't have the mental fortitude to take a fame hit. it literally cripples his ego lol
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  15. Jarvan New Member

    Sidenote: we halfass got a response my dudes

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  16. Satyr Well-Known Member

    Bigclaw's group quit, like they always do. Hey do you remember on Deathtoll when we wiped your entire raid in Temple of Scale, killed Pantrilla and Vrak'sakin in front of you, then YOUR entire guild quit? I think you're projecting Dreww.
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  17. Satyr Well-Known Member

    And because only Beagest ever admits it happened here's the video. Did you know I tried to organise a set up fight with your leaders where we would deliberately lose so you guys wouldn't quit?

    Anyway I know you guys have glass jaws and can't handle losing, but I was posting that to reminisce not rub it in.
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  18. Siren Well-Known Member

    Awesome, Jarvan, thanks!

    I was hoping it would be in time for the November 15th anniversary, but anytime is better than never. :)
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  19. Schmetterling Well-Known Member

    Deathtoll TLE was just not working right in so many ways , I think rather than fixing all those problems DB just let the server die and than blaim it on people not really wanting to play PvP. I went on to this Nagafen seasonal server and this everybody kill everybody mentality just did not work for me if you want to group with people of the other faction after you just took 60 % of their gold , go play on any PvE server . And mined me I am not a hardened seasoned PvP player I just like that extra
    excitement PvP offers . I like the closeness you get on a server there you depend on others (if your not a super player)
    to stay alive.
    Please bring back Deathtoll , try to fixe it up first . I be there.
    I am just afraid it will not happen the proving grounds and that entire section that used to be the battlegrounds was removed .
  20. Jarvan New Member

    if i remember correctly our last fight with them before they rage quit, was when we wiped their x4, with our x4 while we had the main tank group holding pantrilla. that'll be a yikes from me :eek:
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