Build Guides?

Discussion in 'General TLE Discussion' started by Wilkerson (Kuraisenka), Jun 1, 2021.

  1. Wilkerson (Kuraisenka) New Member

    Hey it's Kuraisenka from kaladim.

    Recently as I was helping a few players with builds and items and obscure mechanics. It donned on me I don't think there are any build Guides for EQ2. I want some input on if people feel like you would have any faith in a build guide made by another player. And secondly if anyone had any ideas of where to put it?

    I would start from a solo/group perspective as I think most "raiders" have a super strong guildy they could ask for help.

    Any thoughts feedback or suggestions would be appreciated.

    Thanks all and see you in DOV! ! !
  2. Arielle Nightshade Well-Known Member

    I would suggest starting a thread with your favorite class' guide as a suggestion of what you mean. Just do it right here. See how it goes with player input, may be start with a basic leveling build. If it's good we can request it be stickied and then move on to the next etc etc...?