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Discussion in 'Bruiser' started by ARCHIVED-BigMatzoMeat, Aug 13, 2007.

  1. ARCHIVED-BigMatzoMeat Guest

    All in all whats the big difference?
  2. ARCHIVED-Antas22 Guest

    Bruisers do a bit more DPS, but have less utility. Bruisers can self heal every 90 seconds, Monks can heal others, but on a longer timer. Bruisers buff DPS and taunt/detaunt effectivenesss, Monks buff haste and casting speed. Bruisers' unarmed/fist weapon animations look like a drunk boxer (not drunken boxing, mind you), Monks' look like a bad form of Kung Fu. Bruisers get the Drag achievement, giving us some small amount of raid utility, Monks get...screwed harder. That's basically it in a nutshell.
  3. ARCHIVED-Cocytus Guest

    Antas@Oasis wrote:
    Actually, bruisers do less DPS and have more utility.
  4. ARCHIVED-McDade Guest

    I spent a little time tonight going through the forums and some time at to put together a little information. I can't promise that all the information will be 100% accurate, so if anyone finds discrepancies please let me know and i will try to correct them. I am at work so the information I have will come in several medium sized goes:
    A comparison of Ancient Teachings:
    At lvl 52 Monk gets Outward Calm which is a 15 second 4960 magic ward on a 1:30 recast ....effectiveness can be increased through Monk EoF AA's
    At 52 Bruiser gets Stone Deaf which is a 30 second buff that absorbs 3 magical attacks if they would do over 10% of the Bruisers maximum health in damage on a 2:00 minute recast ......recast can be reduced through Bruiser EoF AA's
    Advantge no one ....Solo and single group tanking would be a potential advantage to Monks since heroic/solo mobs will not likely cast three spells in 30 seconds which combined would do 4960 damage to the bruiser while the monks ward would be protecting him from smaller spell damage that would be hitting the Bruiser. In Raids, the Bruiser would potentially have an advantage because the possibility would exist to get hit with three high damage spells in 30 seconds that would exceed 4960 damage (especially if we were tanking a raid mob yeah right). I see no clear advantage for one over the other in PvP would depend on many factors.
    At lvl 55 Monks get Tsunami which is a 12 second 100% repost from the front and 100% parry from other quadrants on a 2:25 recast ....recast again can be lowered by Eof AA's
    At lvl 55 Bruiser gets Sonic Fists which is a Ranged Teleport attack for 745-1242 DD +interrupt on a 1:00 recast
    Big advantage at all levels of play for the Monk on this one, although Sonic Fists combined with Drag can be very useful for the PvP Bruiser, just not as useful as Tsunami when below 30% health for a Int/Wis specced Monk who can find his crane flock and Everburning Blaze about high autoattack DPS, wow.
    At lvl 58 the Monk gets Fall of the Phoenix which is a 90% group FD on a 15:00 recast
    At lvl 58 the Bruiser gets Close Mind which is a 30 second immunity to CC abilities on a 3:00 recast ....recast can be reduced with EoF AA's
    Big advantage to the Bruiser on this one at all four types of play solo/group/raid/pvp. Group FD does come in handy on a bad training run through a dungeon or to save a wipe in a tough zone with quick repops that cant be effectively trained through like on those pants runs in MMCastle.
    At 65 Monk gets Dragon Breath which is a Frontal cone AoE which debuffs casting speed by 48% and has a 111-135 DoT per second for 8 seconds on a 1:15 second recast ....recast can be lowered to 55seconds with AA's
    At 65 Bruiser gets KO combo which is a 20 second buff which adds 191-575 DD to each combat art landed along with a 1 second stun for each one as well on a 3:00 recast ....damage can be increased by 25% with EoF AA's
    No clear advantage here as both are awesome skills. Bruiser would get an advantage on single mob encounters and solo PvP while monk would have the advantage on Group encounters and group PvP .....not sure the max number of mobs that Dragon breath can hit though ...if anyone knows please post.
    So now I have come to the end of my first post on the subject and there is no clear leader in effectiveness.....In my mind Monk has a slight advantage so far due to Tsunami, but I am sure others will disagree.
    Keep checking back as I have lots more to post in this thread and I never run short on opinions, hehe.
    Morris - Back to work i go, now which Reactor was that I was supposed to take down?
  5. ARCHIVED-Raca Guest

    Bruisers dps is quite a bit better in short fights, monks in long fights but not by alot from what i've heard.
  6. ARCHIVED-Sheirark Guest

    Dps difference isn't really that huge, it's where each garners most of their dps from that is the major difference. Monks gain way more dps from auto atk dmg, whereas bruisers get way more from ca's than auto atk. I just wish i had tsunami, only thing a monk has over a bruiser imho
  7. ARCHIVED-agressiv4 Guest

    The raid-wide casting speed buff monks get (13.2% at M1) is definitely nice. Bards 8% is only groupwide (With WIS AA), so I could see a monk filling a slot.

  8. ARCHIVED-Uumuuanu Guest

    Having several friends that are monk or bruiser, I would say that as far as fighting goes we are the same with different spells. When utility comes into play, Monks seem to edge us out just a bit in that they can apply abilities to others such as heals and FD. In DPS bruisers seem to come out ahead slightly in shorter fights and in longer ones I think its close to the same. In tanking, on heroics both do fine. In raid tanking, both get screwed like they were perma FD on the floor, oh wait they are because they were oneshotted because avoidance didnt work right.

    Want the best of both, put both in your group or raid. I took a group of a 67 bruiser, 70 monk, 62 warlock, 66 assassin all the way to the basement of SoS without a healer other then the monks heals. We had no problems unless we got ALOT of adds in which case the warlock was dying until the monk put an ability to FD instead of death on him. Needless to say, the assassin ended up dying after we got the updates and were on our way out.
    Apart they are different, Together they rock.
  9. ARCHIVED-Harizai Guest

    monks also get a handy dandy invis (windwalk) and improved sprint. Not sure what Bruiser has that can compare to those save for Drag (instant rescue)
  10. ARCHIVED-SeDeTiVe Guest

    lol well...I hope im not to late to reply to this but im guessing all of those people are not 70 because monks dps goes to S@#$ and bruisers goes through the roof.
    imo the list would be

    -Both- I (bruiser) parse around 2300 in raids and ours monk...well doesent make the parse so I wouldnt know
    -monk- monks get group fd and target heal but that only helps if your in a [I cannot control my vocabulary] group that is actually going to wipe so I guess if you roll with morons it helps =/
    -monk- they do get a raid haste/Casting speed buff which helps so you do need "one" in your raid
    - Bruiser- drag is a must in raids for anytime the tank is about to die or the mobs split you can steal agro intantly for 5secs (plenty for a full heal) or to grab a mob in a gorup of casters and drag him back to the tank
    -Both- again monk dps is all regular melee, they get half the CA of a bruiser so you cant say that the fights are even, and bruisers get knockout combo which takes on a 770dmg proc/stun to every CA you use (which is like 12monks get like 6) aposed to the monks DOT aoe <,< and in general fights dont go on that long...and even when they do Ill have a dirge or chanter anyways so it wont matter how much base haste you get, theres a 200 cap regardless

    monks arnt bad but in my personal opinion sony jewed them hardcore because Without the dps all you bring to the table is a tiny raid buff that the majority of guilds dont even care enough for when they can drop in a scout that will parse an extra 1-2k (which in general ups everyone elses dps)

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