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Discussion in 'Guild Recruitment' started by Srimati, Jan 27, 2019.

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    Level 110, 1260 Resolve, just shy of 50kPot, with MC gear - looking to start CD T1 content.

    Could possibly use a little mentoring in use of ACT, CA order, and reforging, but otherwise am an EQ2 veteran since Beta, and played EQ before that since 2005.

    Have played scout classes for over 10 years and feel I'm relatively in a good place with the right group to be successful in this game. Just having a bit of trouble being passed over for people with better stats. Unfortunately can't get the stats without the gear/cash/adorns/spells, cant get gear/cash/adorns/spells if I can't get the groups, and can't get the groups without the stats - so the usual Catch 22.

    "circles.. my head is going round in circles" - Bonus points if you know who sang that! (double points if you also know who covered it a few months later)

    I'm well over 18. will use voice chat (though have to admit, still a bit of a typer from before VC existed). Have no opinions either way about mature humor. Just looking for people who like to play and don't mind that I'm adequate rather than Uber.

    Will share server (willing to relocate) and profile if anyone is interested.
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