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  1. ARCHIVED-janmystique Guest

    Just wondering precisely how this is supposed to work. I have max points in "Bountiful Harvest" and max harvesting skills.
    If I get a bountiful harvest of ten, do I get a rare? When this happened, I didn't get a message saying that I got a rare although one may have sneaked its way in to my inventory I suppose
    Then too, I made a bountiful harvest of one! As I say, my harvesting is maxed out so even without the bountiful harvest, would have got at least one! Can I really get a bountiful harvest of - one?
    It's a fun skill - and very useful.

    Edit: Just saw this thread -
    Seems it is possible to get a rare from a bountiful harvest. So, the question for me is - is it just possible or a certainty if you harvest ten?
  2. ARCHIVED-Kaidia Guest

    Apsenniel@Splitpaw wrote:
    Bountiful Harvest just gives you a chance for an extra harvest without even trying. So, where you might usually harvest a node 3 times, if BH procs, you could get the harvest results of 4 or 5 harvests (if you're lucky).
    I know I have noticed if BH procs, it would consolodate what I harvested into one message. So if I got 3 roots, BH procs and I get another 5, I'll see "You gathered 8 roots" I believe they are fixing this (or maybe have fixed it, but I haven't paid that much attention). It was kinda false hope when I saw "10 roots" only to realize BH proced 5+5.
    The way I understand it (and I could very well be wrong), but anything you might harvest on a normal harvest (1, 3, 5 raws, a rare, or 10 raws + 1 rare) can be harvested on a BH. It's simply the chance to harvest a little extra from a node.
    Hope that helps.
  3. ARCHIVED-janmystique Guest

    Kaidia@Nagafen wrote:
    That does help thank you. I hadn't taken a lot of notice of "Bountiful Harvest" except to put points in to it of course! The only thing I noticed was that I sometimes gathered an even number. This week though, I am having a blitz on "A Gathering Obsession" (clever name that) and started taking more notice. Hence my questions!
    Thanks again for taking the time.
  4. ARCHIVED-Bemuvdar Guest

    I did the Harvester cloak on 2 toons recently. 1 had bountiful harvest, 1 did not. I use the harvesting plugin addon for ACT to track my harvests. I noticed that the toon that had BH took ~450 harvest attempts less to complete the quest.
  5. ARCHIVED-Sophie47 Guest

    It does work, sometimes I get an even number of items from a node and sometimes I get a message " you have made a
    bountiful harvest" and pull 4 times from a node. You can miss it if you are not watching the chat window.

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