Bleedthrougt, log and ACT

Discussion in 'Priests' started by Fleurs, Mar 13, 2018.

  1. Fleurs Active Member

    Hello, i've noticed something strange, it seems recently, Daybreak has changed the way log are worded so we cannot track how much bleedthrough each encounter have, it seems recent, as you can see on those logs:

    (1508446009)[Thu Oct 19 22:46:49 2017] YOUR Ancient Shroud absorbs 60170396 points of damage from being done to Mythgard with 15994662 points of damage bleeding through.

    (1518815033)[Fri Feb 16 22:03:53 2018] YOUR Ancient Shroud absorbs 54272402 points of damage from being done to Noiram. (107293121 points remaining)

    Notice the bold part, the date, and the fact that last year, we could estimate amount of bleed on a named, and now, it just say how much ward was remaining.

    Both log have been taken on the same target, "The Kly" Raid version.
  2. Clintsat Active Member

    Interesting. Are you experiencing much bleedthrough on PoP mobs?
  3. Fleurs Active Member

    Less than in Kunark expert raid/heroic, i would say, probably 50% bleed as opposed to 80% of Kunark ascending expert era.

    Somethings like:
    Regular Kunark ascending: 50%
    Expert Kunark ascending: 80%
    Regular Planes of prophecy: 50%
    We don't really yet have an expert PoP.
  4. Clintsat Active Member

    On Pop raid mobs, I do zero non-ward healing when with a shaman.
  5. Fleurs Active Member

    I have the feeling that multiple layers of wards are used at once, which means there is bleedthrough. Otherwise, only the oldest ward would be used up when the tank take damage.

    But yes, a skilled shaman put so many layers of wards that it reduce damage to negligible anyway, but it become a problem at 80+% bleed, like in the hardest Kunark raid. (Realm of despair and heart of nightmare)

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