BGA (alliance) on Maj'Dul server

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    Hello, Norrathians! BGA is a raid alliance on the Maj'Dul server. We are raiding RoR content and have cleared T1 and T2 raid targets in Raj'Dur and Sandstone Delta raids. We are looking to expand our roster! We raid Friday night from 9:30pm to 11:30pm eastern, and Sunday afternoon from 3pm to 6pm eastern. If you are a new/returning/casual player interested in starting to raid, if you're a raider with an alt you'd like to raid with, or if you're raiding elsewhere and looking for a change of scenery, please contact Kotti, Sangster, or Deere in game for more information. We are currently recruiting: A bard, an enchanter, and a healer. We will also consider applications from good players of any class, but we don't currently need tanks. Minimum resolve 9350. Thanks!