Best time to join Kaladim?

Discussion in 'General TLE Discussion' started by Nuhvohk, Oct 1, 2019.

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    I had a good time with the last two TLE servers and was interested in joining this one; however, I'm wondering how the current server population is being roughly 3 months into DoF. I imagine most people aren't running any XP grind groups for the lower tiers, correct? I would like to participate in KoS but I also bet that for the first week or so of KoS most groups will be doing T7 content and the lower tiers will be empty, at least until people get disinterested in the current tier and start leveling alts. With that in mind, what point would be the best to jump in so that grind groups from 1-60 will be readily available? Should I wait for a couple weeks after KoS launch, couple weeks before, etc. Basically, I don't want to pay for a month only to spend 3 weeks of it LFG at level 30, and am wondering what the next window will be in which there is an opportunity to grind to max within a week.
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    I would definitely look at the link in the post above and hit up those groups. I'd also look for a guild, there are plenty that are still actively recruiting and people are still leveling more alts and different mains for KoS. I run alts through content quite a bit (I always dual box) and I regularly see people in the lower tiers still doing stuff. It's not too hard to find groups. There are more than a few guilds still doing raid content as well. I think it's a perfectly decent time to join.
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