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Discussion in 'Mages' started by Sehenry1010, Jan 21, 2021.

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    So I am returning to EQ2 after a few years away and I am going to start a fresh characters. Highest I ever got was a 47 Beastmaster and 48 Shadowknight.

    What would be the best soloing class to play since I know no one in the game and will be playing a lone mainly? Whether it is fighter or mage or whatever, which class is the strongest at lvling solo?
  2. Sigrdrifa EQ2 Wiki Author

    Beastmasters got a big nerf with this latest expansion. Shadowknights do well.

    The pet classes (Conjuror and Necromancer) are great for soloing, and they seem to be doing great this expansion.
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    Whatever your heart desires to be honest.
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  4. Sehenry1010 Member

    I went with Erudite Necro so I hope I can handle solo stuff ok =)
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    I'm coming back too and having a good time. I got a necro to lvl72 last I played before work and RL got completely in the way. Not complaining, but life is life sometimes. Anyways, this time around I chose a Conjuror and I'm having a good time. I do have to be a little more careful than I I did with my Necro with bigger pulls since I don't have the pet heals,l but I love the aesthetics.

    I'm only lvl49 and doing a mix of questing and molo'ing through dugeons with a Paladin Merc. Good to be back
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    It's a shame that we're always dependent on playing solo now.I would appreciate it if these games were repurposed in such a way that it was child's play to slip into group play in the open world and tend towards it and also need each other.

    Otherwise there are now the mercenaries. They actually make this relatively playable with all classes.

    Unfortunately, this again supports the solo game enormously.It is incredibly difficult to impossible to motivate other people to play a little with you, or to do the quests, chill and as a team. Or take a low ini.
    I don't know if this is the way to go and the future of a basically group-based game.
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    I'm glad, the people you've interacted with have been positive, what pushed me away from grouping, and forced me to take a soloists mentality, is i kept getting groups with the try hards, and "Oh your stat isnt this why are you wasting our time, go away! *kick*" I even get flack from people in PQ's that beg for a group, so i invite them, they take one look at my stats, and leave the group.. but in a way, my above encounters are ONE reason these games have started moving to a "Soloist" mentality, I almost miss original EQ back in the day, when you HAD to treat that other person like a REAL person, and give them respect, and dignity, because if you didnt, word would get around and you'd be blacklisted from groups.

    To answer the original OP, most of the classes can solo now a days, the original non merc solo'ers were Necromancers and Conjurers, just take your pick of flavor or lore, and there you go.. But now a days with mercs at least till level 90, merc's can carry you mostly.
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    Back in the day, pre-AoD/Mercs, Soloing was mostly for doing quest and overland content and farming older/trivial group content (i.e. farming AAs or PLing alts/friends). People didn't need to solo current content, because you could find groups pretty easily - at least on AD. Hell, there were PUG Raids and stuff all the time.

    For some reason, AoD was kind of a breakpoint where people just started dropping off and guilds started shuttering. Once this started to happen, I bounced.

    But it was really nice while it lasted, and I reconnected with quite a friend friends from EQ in EQ2, and some old Guildies.
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    Best solo class is the one you learn to play the best while enjoying it. I've seen many play the FOTD class and stink at it. Learn the class and you'll have fun.
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    Necro or sk
  12. Amalar The combined salt from all of SOE/DBGs fallen MMOs

    Other games DO have at least some group content / population you will actually be able to play with before max level, and run appropriate content...