Best PvE Healer?

Discussion in 'Warden' started by ARCHIVED-xambivalentx, Feb 25, 2012.

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    I have a 90 Warden, and I am wondering if there is a better option for healing? I hear that inquis is best for healing groups and desireable in raids also.
    My interpretation is:
    Does that seem accurate for group content healing?
    The problem I am having with Warden is the fact that we cant really pre-ward/reactive or handle burst as much.
  2. ARCHIVED-Arielle Nightshade Guest

    xambivalentx wrote:
    This is a really general statement about the healers, and I don't really agree with it. Your efficacy as a healer depends on a lot of things: AA, Gear, Spell quality, stats, etc.
    All of these healers can heal groups equally well. If all six healers were equally geared, etc...there's not much difference in amount of healing, only in the way that you do it. What usually determines your desireability for groups is what buffs you bring to the table that help and/or allow the group to get through the instance as fast as possible. No one wants to do an instance for fun - they are doing it for loot and want that in the least possible time. This is where Wardens are weak. When you are not bringing a healer for sheer healing ability, you are going to pick someone else. If all you want is a good healer, Warden is solid and wanted.
    Raids also need all these healers depending on where they are in progression. Bleeding edge end game raids might not because they are (once again) stacking buffs and cure ability, not diversity in play...but since you are asking this question, I suspect you are not doing that kind of gameplay right now.
    If you are looking to raid and are not finding an available spot it's because most raids - even EM ones - are only using one Warden. There are a lot more druids out there than, say, you might be having a tough time finding a spot - not because Warden is a weak healer that can't handle burst damage.
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    Arielle Nightshade wrote:
    Very well said Arrielle. If you really want to raid, you might want to make a defiler. You just wont solo as well.

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