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Discussion in 'Dirge' started by ARCHIVED-FrozenEnzyme, Jul 10, 2007.

  1. ARCHIVED-FrozenEnzyme Guest

    I recently started a Dirge and was wondering what is the best route to go for AA spec while leveling. I'm currently level 30 with 27 AAs This will mostly be soloing with grouping when needed for heroics and heritage quests, and I'll obviously respec at 70 to a more group based/raiding spec.
  2. ARCHIVED-Korpo Guest

    I'm in the same boat, level 33 or so with about 30 AA. I went down the WIS line 44862 to get DKTM, as it seems fairly useful for soloing and leveling, plus Allegro and the speed buff don't hurt any either. Now I'm moving down the Luck line to get LOTD, probably doing 5 to shroud, 5 to regen, 5 to safe fall, and 5 to Crypt's.
  3. ARCHIVED-Unwise Guest

    [p]If you are soloing a fair bit, as far as KoS lines go, I would choose STA definetly. It really only becomes very good once you get alot of points into it so you can use a 1hander without losing dps, but when you do it is excellent. For questing, I loved the AGI line, it has the best group invis in the game, nice parry for defence, and nice DPS boost.[/p][p]EoF wise, there is not much choice. Luck and Degredate lines appear to be the clear favourites. If you solo alot, look at putting some points into the lifetaps though, they look rather nice.[/p][p] [/p][p] [/p]
  4. ARCHIVED-Agasar Guest

    I understand a lot of people say go STA line for soling, but what if you just don't want to use a sword and board? I want my character DWing. Its a playstyle thing. What would be the 2nd best choice for a mostly soloing bard for questing/levelling other than STA?
  5. ARCHIVED-thecynic315 Guest

    For KOS if you want to DW Id sugest the INT line 4-6-4-8-2. Also not sure how itd be for soloing but for EOF take the bare min in Degrade line, maxing Verlines and Claras at least, then maybe bump up the life taps with what ever AAs ya have left.
  6. ARCHIVED-Thaych Guest

    [p]Some choose to go STA line for sword & board use, but I solo a lot and I went STR/INT.[/p][p]I'm level 46 with 51 AAs (I level-lock whenever I am 85% to next level, and enable Combat XP when I ding)[/p][p]I find that I am able to solo at least as well as my Ranger ever could, and I tend to get more repeat invites to groups I've been in before because of the increased effectiveness group buffs available in the STR/INT lines.[/p][p]As far as the Dirge Tab is concerned, I go with the increased Bow attack, Increased Lanet's (IIRC that's the name of the AA option) and the self-heals because none of the other AAs are any good to you in a fight if you are dead.[/p]
  7. ARCHIVED-TharanSaebelbein Guest

    I am currently leveling a Dirge-Twink (30 at the moment) and talked to several high-level dirges on my server (Valor). From their advice and my own experiences I would recommend to choose the STA line for leveling. The board makes it so much easier to survive - we lack the DPS the other scout classes have, so our fights could take a little bit longer. Everything that helps to minimize the damage we take is a help while soloing - and having the same Damage Ratio with a onehander (double attacks from STA line) is simply great! Additional the "stun" from the shield-bash helps a lot moving into the back of the mob to trigger the positonal attack. Of course DKTM is a musthave for grouping, but for soloing the STA line works great for me!
  8. ARCHIVED-Giland Guest

    46 dirge with 55 AAs here. I went 4/4/6/8/2 WIS, then went 4/4/4/8 in INT, finishing off with 4/1 in STA for the quick stealth (and chance to steal cash isn't bad either). I find with the stealth I am able to use the wis debuff much more than I used to. On non ^ mobs, I can get stun, run behind, get the stealth off, the wis debuff, then backstab before they come out of stun. For EOF, I am going down the debuff line to reduce cost of persistent songs. My gear is nothing special, I mainly do the solo quest lines. So most of my gear is handcrafted and adept 1 CAs.

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