Berserker - dual,single/shield or double hander..

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    Poss niaviely I assumed my Berserker would dual wield; but it doesn't say that you can.....(am v v v low lvl btw but dual handed looks cool and it's the epitome of the class surely!!)

    Best option for levelling as Berserker do people think?
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    You can dual wield from level 1. You’ll find another axe in your bags if you started at level 1, but you can just equip another weapon in secondary slot. For levelling, dual wield or 2 hander is fine, but you might want a shield later on if you decide to do raids or heroics.
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    it all depends on the fight and the group...
    solo? dual wield or sword and board if you want to take less damage
    dps in a group? dual or 2hander
    tanking? sword and board

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