Beast'r Eggstravaganza 2020!

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  1. dreamweaver Community Relations

    Every year as we enter the season of Growth, Tunare whispers to the animals of the forest to let them know that the Spring season is arriving. In their bubbling excitement, the animals will behave exuberantly as they await the gifts of nature that come to them during the season of renewal.

    During this time, the excitable critters sometimes leave gifts for the realm of man as a way to share their joy in the coming of spring. You can be a part of these seasonal celebrations through Monday, April 13, 2020 at 11:59 PM!


    At the height of the spring excitement, Beast’r Eggs begin to hatch, ready explore the world around them. If you spot an egg hidden somewhere in Norrath, be sure to interact with it so that the excitable egg can become your newest pet!


    There are 11 different Beast’r Eggs that you can find, and each one is painted in its own special way!

    This year, you can also fill your Beast'r basket with these fantastic new features:

    New Holiday Overseer Questline for 2020!

    Find Ambrosis in Darklight Wood to obtain the new Overseer quests!

    Returning Items:
    • Beast'r Eggschangers will have items up for trade, including baskets of Beast'r Eggs and an assortment of faun plushies!
    New Merchant Buyables!
    • Ruby Mushroom Ring
    • Amethyst Mushroom Cluster
    • Emerald Mushroom Ring
    • Spinel Mushroom Cluster
    • Midnight Pekin
    • Golden Pekin

    TLE Server Features:

    • Kaladim - All of the event is active!

    Happy hunting, Norrathians! We hope you have an eggs-cellent Beast'r holiday.
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  2. Siren Well-Known Member

    Awesome! I guess I showed up just at the right time. :)
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  3. Gardapthia New Member

    So did we decide that 2020 was so bad that the chrono portals took us back in time to 2019? (Your post and the main announcement says it ends Monday, April 13th, 2019 ;) )
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  4. dreamweaver Community Relations

    gosh durnit.. my dates.. I don't even know what's happening anymore.
  5. Yenk Active Member

    ahhh... Eggstravaganza, but not new Lifetime Extravaganza's.
  6. Observing Active Member

    Is there a level requirement to get the Overseer quests? My level 90 character cannot get them. It says to claim my overseer starter but this character already has those and runs normal overseer quests
  7. draidean Well-Known Member

    welcome to the club lol
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  8. Schmetterling Well-Known Member

    ONLY 4 days , REALY ?
    I was so busy with other things and just having fun hunting beast'rs I did not look at the calendar .
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  9. Schmetterling Well-Known Member

    well 5 days minus the one I was still hunting those Patchcraft creatures .
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