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Discussion in 'Scouts' started by Stammel Desperado, Apr 23, 2013.

  1. Stammel Desperado Active Member

    Anyone know a REALLY GOOD Beastlord AA spec? I would greatly appreciate it. I haven't bothered spending my AA yet on it, due to not really knowing where to place them.

    Please, any help you give will be greatly appreciated.
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  2. Eileithia Active Member

    Not sure what level you are, but Beastlord AA's are pretty cut and dry..

    While leveling.. start in the Animalist tree. Put 1-2 points in the top of each tree for some extra CAs a pet heal and a buff. After that move to the Beastlord tree and put your points in all of your damage enhancers. Skip Vine-net, Sprint, Pathfinding, and Evade for now. You may spec them later on, but not needed early on at all (Especially sprint.. garbage AA). You want to fill the entire 3rd row, but I would take stare down, and tame warder enhancements as soon as possible until you have all of your warders tamed. Once you have all your warders tamed you can spec out of those.

    Leveling spec is completely different from a group or raiding spec. Also gear plays a large part. Early on, I would take increased multi-attack, but once you're max level you will be so far over the MA soft-cap that the points are better spent elsewhere.

    Once you've filled in your 50 points in the BL tree (Pre level 50) move back to the Animalist tree You want to go down the Strength, Wisdom, and Int lines. Order is really up to you, but read over each of the AAs and spec more heavily into abilities that will increase your damage (Crit bonus, reuse speed, potency, AE Auto etc)

    Once you hit level cap and have some decent gear, and are over the soft/hard caps for MA, and DPS mod. Go back and respec all of your AAs accordingly. (Out of stats you are capped, drop tame warder / stare down)

    BL are probably the easiest to spec out because most of the options are obvious choices.. If it increases your DPS, crit bonus, potency, or chance to hit (weapon skills).. take it.
  3. Cuelaen Active Member

    Thanks for posting this, I was wondering this myself, as I don't adventure much, and mostly craft-very useful info:)
  4. Stammel Desperado Active Member

    Thank you so much! I will keep this and use it. My beastlord is almost level 90.
  5. Eileithia Active Member

    No problem. Once you hit 95/320 and have some decent gear your AAs should be something similar to this.
    BL AA Spec

    I still don't have anywhere near a set of top-end raid gear (only started casually raiding a few weeks ago) but this will at least give you an idea of what AAs aren't necessary at level cap with Heroic / entry raid gear.

    You're also going to want to reforge. Even in a full set of heroic (steward/primal) gear you will be sitting around 800-900 MA, and around 300 DPS Mod. Reforge out of DPS mod to bring it around 200 first and put points in AMod. Then reforge out of MA to bring it to just over 600 putting points in AMod. This will give you an instant DPS increase. This also assumes you're not going for 100% Melee AE Auto attack (More AE focused build).
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  6. Cuelaen Active Member

    Thanks again-my BL is only 81/320, but this is very helpful!
  7. Cuelaen Active Member

    If I could further impose on your knowledge Eileithia, is there a trick to leveling warders? The reason I ask, is that I hear people saying its fast and easy, yet it seems to take forever-I just got tame exotic warder, tamed a displacer beast by the druid rings in the SF zone, and I've killed a veritable crapton of mobs with him, and he has only leveled twice. I did notice that he wont gain exp unless I hit one of the primal abilities before the mob dies-am I doing something wrong? any info is much appreciated:)
  8. Eileithia Active Member

    Leveling warders is a painful process. You need to ensure you are getting at least one Advantage off on the same mob your warder is attacking. A primal as well will also speed up the process. Make sure that the advantage or primal isn't the killing blow because that seems to bug it out (at least in my experience). You should see a message 'your affinity with your warder has increased'. If you do ALL of that correctly it will take between 800-1000 kills to max out the level (assuming you get affinity every time). Really is a stupidly slow process considering there are 18 warders if you want to max them all out.
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  9. Cuelaen Active Member

    Thank you again, friend
  10. Shamus9 Active Member

    Thank you so much for this BL information. As I am new to EQ2, I am starting out with all Beastlords (to try to different areas & factions and learn the game). This guide is like a beacon in a fog. While we will all probably tweak some things for individual choice (good or bad), it is SO helpful to have been given a starting point!

    Another tip I found elsewhere in the forums states that at level 30ish there is a quest available in BB to raise one warder to Grandmaster. I will definitely be searching that one out, lol!

    Thanks for taking the time to post this Eileithia.
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  11. Cuelaen Active Member

    I wish I had saved my potion for when we can tame exotic warders-I used mine on the insect warder that I never use anymore, and now I just use the mystical warder- they seem to level slower at higher levels, or maybe im just not killing enough stuff lol-anywho, that's what I would do
  12. Stammel Desperado Active Member

    THank you! This does really help. I'm like TOTALLY new to playing the Beastlord, on EQ2 that is. I played one on Eq1 and LOVED it. Though, they are BY FAR different.
  13. Grin New Member

    I had to laugh here. You got a Beastlord for 40$ so you could craft with it? lol Well to each their own. Still Im new to the whole BL thing. I just came back after not playing for like four years. Its all gravy. Its a fairly quick to 'get things out of your face' class, so you wont have trouble harvesting those nodes. At least...not for long!
  14. Cuelaen Active Member

    I guess I should have been more clear ...I usually craft, but decided to do some adventuring, by playing a beastlord. Since I haven't done a lot of adventuring with the class, I was expressing my gratitude to them for giving some helpful advice. Thankfully, some folks in this game still do so-which for me, is one of the reasons I continue playing...and incidently, "paying $40" to do whatever I please, lol.
  15. Zhouyu Member

    Fastest way to lvl warders is to go in SP stance, mentor down and pull loads of mobs in any zone you feel comfortable. Let your pet proc advantages and you use green advantages. I pretty much lvl all my warders that way.
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  16. Shamus9 Active Member

    I will be trying this. Thank you for sharing the tip. It may be useful to do this where lowish level transmutables drop...:rolleyes:
  17. Cuelaen Active Member

    Thanks friend, I will be trying this today:)
  18. Chilton0585 Member

    Can I ask why in the spec above you didnt the the AA modifier? It's a direct increase to DPS and is pretty much always up. 24% more dmg on auto attacks is nothing to sneeze at.
  19. Bestiarator Member

    @ Zhouyu ^
    I used to play EQ2 a fair amount and just needed a break. Now I'm back after 6 years or so and trying to remember SO MUCH! LOL! Built a BL and having fun, but the AA info here is very helpful. Do not know some of the abbreviations used though here like SP, procs, etc. used in your post - can you dumb it down a bit, please? Any constructive input anyone has would be really appreciated since it is literally like starting over again. On the Oasis server, and happy to receive mail or PMs. Thank you for making the game better!
  20. Lygerr Active Member

    and old, since a lot of the spiritual stance issues that were implemented in ToV were addressed in AoM. well actually i think most will want to be spiritual instead of feral now if they want to survive a bit better anyways.

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