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    We added a new segment to my twitch stream entitled Throwback Thursday & Everquest II came out on top as the winning game!

    History with Everquest II
    I personally haven't played since launch day way back in the fall of 2004 plus probably a year or two beyond that, therefore I'm learning it all over again & everyone is welcome to join us regardless of level or experience. While we have some very long playing people involved-- people who never stopped playing; it would be nice to have a few people who actually know less than I do about the game!

    When & Where to Find Us
    While my stream is comprised of 2 other games during the rest of my streaming schedule-- Thursday is set aside entirely for EQII starting at 2100 PST (UTC -8) on the Antoina Bayle server for an 8 to 10 hour run & it would be fantastic to meet more merry folks like we did last Thursday.

    Our Server
    If you don't see the Antonia Bayle server at the end of your character creation, simply exit out of Everquest II & log back in. At the launch screen find the drop down list & select English (US) which will allow you to see the server once you create your character.

    Upcoming dates set aside specifically for Everquest II include:
    January 29th
    February 5th & 12th

    Where We Are Now
    During our first Throwback Thursday we randomly chose our class & side landing on a Ratonga Warlock aligned as Good named Megis; but remember Good & Evil characters may adventure together once we are out in the world beyond the starting some cross country travel.

    This has also become one of my “cheat” games-- a game I play when not in stream. So, you will find me there at hours other than the above.

    Don't Forget
    Remember to adjust for your date & time zone as it is based off from Thursday 2100 PST (UTC -8), so it mostly likely will be Friday for many.

    If you have any questions at all, you can shoot me a message or stop by the stream most other nights as I stream 4 nights straight ~8 to 10 hours each & then work my other job 4 days.

    To find my twitch stream, simply check out my signature below!
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    Just thanking everyone who has stopped by over the past 3 Thursdays for our Throwback Thursday Stream and inviting everyone to come on by as today will mark our 4th straight Thursday in a row we've held an Everyquest II all day stream for ~9 hours.

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