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Discussion in 'Assassin' started by ARCHIVED-Khanthal, Mar 7, 2010.

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    Hello hello. Old school Necro from back when the game launched just coming back now...I even had a world first back in the day and lots of server firsts .
    My favorite part is how my ancient char is 43rd on number of items crafted by necros on that server hahaha...ah WARTS I remember you...I did so many of you...the changes to the crafting were a big part of why I left. I was a rich beyond compare and one of the only people with some patterns...and then the rug got pulled from beneath me. Upset me a bit, that did.
    I've decided that with all the changes I should start off fresh. I'm going to roll an assassin and see how that goes.
    What mod should I use for auto attack timing? I have been reading guides all over the place and apparently it's rather important at later levels and I'd like to get in the habit of using it now. I hit eq2interface but most of the mods there seem to be outdated. Not sure what still works with the new patches etc.
    As a second question, should I put the AA bar on even at low levels? Or not worry until max level?
  2. ARCHIVED-Revenga Guest

    I'm still a noob at this myself, but I use Advanced Combat Tracker. I then set the Triggers/Sounds to play the Chime.wav file in the windows/system32 folder whenever it picks up entries in my log.

    .*? YOU Hit. *
    .*? YOU Critically Hit. *
    .*? YOU Miss. *
    .*? CharacterName Hit. *
    .*? CharacterName Critically Hit. *
    .*? CharacterName hits. *
    .*? CharacterName misses. *
    (Replace CharacterName with the name of your character.)

    Then when you are fighting, you should hear the Chime everytime your auto attack goes off. You'll get the rhythm of the chimes and fire off your CAs between the chimes.
    You can get Advanced Combat Tracker here.
  3. ARCHIVED-Pnaxx Guest

    I have Profit UI and the bar goes across the screen and at the end is your auto attack. Very simple. Nut if you have 2 weapons that have different delay' see that too :p
  4. ARCHIVED-Revenga Guest

    Pnaxx wrote:
    I may have to finally break down and try ProfitUI. I'd rather watch the bar go across than listen for the chimes, especially since I listen to music a lot while playing.
  5. ARCHIVED-Moltove Guest

    We don't need a AA timer. We cast so fast, aside from our two AoE's and a single, weak CA, that while our AA is qued, it's only cued for .37 seconds, if that. Lower leves, before you get Poise, will be longer, but still below a second. further, when you're lower level, you're bound to use much faster weapons (1.9 instead of 4.0, simply because 1.9 is more readily avaliable).

    Don't get me wrong, as AA is a LARGE part of our dps, but timing it isn't that much of an issue. It's for Rangers, who have to wait 9 seconds, for example, for their bow to make a hit. They need to make sure they're not casting anything that delays that.
    All of our abilities, when dealing with AA dmg, will not interfere and the dps shift is minimal, even for min-maxer's. I've caasted Quick Strike right on when the AA is supposed to hit, and, well, not only am I using a crit attack, but .37 seconds later I then procede to normally Flurry, and perhaps even AE AA other mobs in the area as well.
    Let timing stay with the slow casters and slow swingers.
  6. ARCHIVED-LiquidFusion17 Guest

    Moltove@Antonia Bayle wrote:
    No offense but I would say this is pretty bad advice. Its not hard to time your CA's and AA's to work together. AA is still on average 30% of your damage, which outweighs any of our CA's long term. You should be able to chain 2-3 CA's and then allow your AA to hit. The only exception to this, in my opinion, would be PFT or Conceal chain.
  7. ARCHIVED-Gaige Guest

    I time all my auto attack hits, even with PFT. The only time I don't is concealment. I got into the habit of doing it as a ranger and its just the natural way I play now.
    With our AAs hitting for almost 15k, plus how high we can get flurry now (27% I think) you'd be crazy to delay it under normal CA rotation.
  8. ARCHIVED-Vymm Guest

    How did you get 27% flurry? I'm only at 22 with my red adorn and BC on where's that extra 5 comin from?
  9. ARCHIVED-Gaige Guest

    Vymm wrote:
    The dirge BC red adorn.
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  11. ARCHIVED-Brimestar Guest

    If you use the game UI, you can get an add on from eq2 interface with an auto attack bar timer.

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