Artifact: Visage of torment

Discussion in 'Items and Equipment' started by Heck62, Aug 7, 2017.

  1. Heck62 Active Member

    I just Noticed this item is an Artifact Which used to mean one per server.Does that rule hold true with this item?\aITEM 128510750 211321793 0 0 0:Visage of Torment\/a
  2. Sentrasia Active Member

    Artifact is one per server. In the case of the hat it was made artifact to guarantee it would drop when first killed. There is an identical non artifact version that drops too.
  3. Nero Active Member

    My understanding the "Artifact" tag was given to ensure it dropped off the mob on the first kill for each server. Subsequent kills of the Summoned Ones will still have a chance for the item to drop (not 100%), however, it wont have the relic tag.

    I believe that was the explanation given to us by one of the devs in Discord.
  4. Gninja Developer

  5. Nero Active Member

    So last night when we finally killed the summoned ones, and had a server wide message broadcast when the helm was looted. Will this message continue broadcast for all subsequent drops of this helm, or was that a one time thing? I dont know if its the Myth tag that triggers the message or if it was the relic tag, or something separate all together.
  6. Gninja Developer

    Only the artifact version will broadcast to server. They are not relic.

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