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  1. Rose Active Member

    Ok....for the quest Containing the Stone, you need to make Empowered censor of Containment and Censer of containment. I went harvesting, and got lots of rares and tons of harvests from the dark and veined ores, but not even one Arcannium. We finally gave up. It cannot be that rare, and if it is, it seems that the drop rate needs to be upped some. They are going for unbelievable prices on the broker because of it being way to rare. It is very difficult to complete a quest that requires just 2 items that takes of hours of time harvesting to not find even one. Anyone else having this same problem? I never have problems getting any other rares....also I do use my harvesting helper items too.
  2. Deveryn Well-Known Member

    It's only day 2 and everyone is after it. So far, I've had no real issue getting it. It does take some time and there is another rare that drops from the same node.
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  3. Rose Active Member

    Thank you for responding, ... have no problem getting the other rare...and am not on game right now, so cannot look at what it is called. There were not that many players out there looking for it, but still, who has hours to look for 2 rares to complete a quest, and 2 of us were trying?
  4. Mermut Well-Known Member

    I haven't had any problems getting arcannium for the TS questline.
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  5. Xillean Well-Known Member

    Lumicite is the other one. And yeah the its rare but ive gotten around 25 the last two days but it did take a lot of viended nodes. I just used Track Harvestables and kept flying around until I got what I needed for my crafters. Not saying your wrong just adding my experiences so far
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  6. Zerick New Member

    I have harvested 800+ umbrite and 800+ bornite nodule and still not 1 arcannium.
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  7. Sejreia Active Member

    Trust me, it's a very very very sweet piece you get at the end of this quest. It's going to be very well worth it! :D
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  8. Trilly Member

    It IS hard to get compared to the other rares, but I think they made it that way. You may need to check your rare harvest skill also, perhaps it is not upped to around 8% or so? And the AA line for rare harvesting? Not really sure if they are that helpful but I do know my warden/provi harvests rares more often than my other trade skillers..It will come, and is only 2 needed for the censer...well worth the effort
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  9. santargria Well-Known Member

    guess i've gotten lucky, get them every time I need them
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  10. Sigrdrifa Well-Known Member

    It's the RNG.
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  11. I like bears Member

    Yeah you should go sacrifice some goats to the RNG gods on this one. I got really, really lucky and got both arcaniums within 5 minutes of each other after getting to this point in the quest, I kept wondering why dark veined stones were never on my tracking list and didn't realize people searched for hours for these 2 rares. But afterwards I stayed around and mined a ton of nodes for my other characters and found nothing. Lumicite on the other hand...
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  12. ZUES Well-Known Member

    On beta I had a gazillion Arcannium from the pony and gobby. On live I have yet to get a single one. Everything else seems to have a good drop rate except Arcannium.
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  13. Ynnek Well-Known Member

    Yah, when you're looking for the Arcannium, make sure you throw on your harvesting gear/spec. Or at the very least, the +Rare Harvesting bits - it makes a *big* difference.
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  14. Estal Well-Known Member

    Indeed, piles of rare roots and lumicite rotting away in guild deposit box, but I did eventually get two arcanium from one and the same node.

    (now to rinse repeat 30+ times...)
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  15. Deveryn Well-Known Member

    On beta, there was a bug where that's all the pony and goblin wanted to give us for some time. I've gotten a couple of arcannium on my toons, while some have yet to see any rares. I've already spent 8 arcannium and have 3 ready to go on my main.1 alt picked up two within an hour of questing and stopping to harvest.

    Between my other 7 alts who haven't done any harvesting yet, I have:

    3 lumicite
    3 arcannium
    5 umbral pelt
    1 deepstone root
    2 petrified lumber

    2 characters have picked up no rares.

    New gear recipes take 5 rares to make an item, like before. That's likely why they have a "good drop rate".

    Again, we've barely broken in the expansion. Today's day 3 of a few hundred days of relevance. We're down 6 servers, so there are more people pursuing all the same stuff. Some patience may be required.
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  16. Mermut Well-Known Member

    My breakdown of rares (from harvesting, ponies and goblins) is pretty even, with a slight lean toward roots, since they come from food and root nodes again. If anything, I'm getting a few MORE arcannium then other rares, since I've already used some and my spread still looks even in my shared bank.
  17. Adevil Well-Known Member

    Can't speak for harvesting since I haven't bought ToT, but I've gotten 3 arcannium, and 3 luminite plus assorted other rares from the goblins & ponies. I haven't even been burping them (love Niami Denmother's description for off-loading them :)) regularly at all.
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  18. Blazen Active Member

    and Bountiful Harvest potions!
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  19. Anatha Active Member

    I have been at this for over an hour. Only one arcannium but six lumicites. The drop table needs to be changed. This is a tradeskill quest. I really don't want to spend the entire day harvesting for one item needed for a quest.
  20. Adevil Well-Known Member

    Problem is, the material is also needed in quantities of 5 to make jewellry, so they're unlikely to change the drop rate because it's also used for a quest.

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