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Discussion in 'Ranger' started by ARCHIVED-Toball Tokor, Jun 28, 2010.

  1. ARCHIVED-Toball Tokor Guest

    There was a hot and heavy discussion thread going Radio Silence on Class Balance
    It was closed by Kiara with the following post on the 6/23/2010:
    "Class wars, while fun and exciting as everyone tries to come up with reasons that some other class needs to be nerfed, are less than helpful.
    Since this one has devolved, we'll go ahead and shut it down.
    The original intent of this thread has been noted and plans are being made to alleviate some of the perceived silence.
    I have searched all over but I have not seen any 'alleviation of the perceived silence'. Anyone else catch it?
  2. ARCHIVED-glowsinthedark Guest

    maybe they are talking about the in testing tread about all the newbie changes.....
  3. ARCHIVED-Toball Tokor Guest

    Well considering the topic of the thread .... of course with SOE, that could be their interpretation, addressing newbies=balance :}
  4. ARCHIVED-Neiloch Guest

    Kiara wrote:
    Almost like most of us saw this as a problem hence why we didn't call for nerfs for other classes or argue about it at length, but we had to have some morons (juggalo0385) stroll on by and ruin it for everyone else as usual.
    Well they got until next GU far as I'm concerned. The stink about class balance has gotten WAY too big for them to brush it off and say 'we'll look into it.' Just not rangers who want some balance now. I seriously hope a lot of the stuff they had planned for next GU got scrapped for class balance. Especially if it was stuff like more PvP BS or stupid zone revamps. And just to be a jerk I hope it messed up some stupid RP stuff too.
    "aww man we can't work on adding more random crap to our fall 'collect random crap festivel' because we have to fix problems fundamental to the main parts of gameplay /pout"
  5. ARCHIVED-jjlo69 Guest

    refer to
  6. ARCHIVED-Boise Guest

    I like how Kiara closed the thread like she always does.
  7. ARCHIVED-Writer Cal Guest

    • Stream of Arrows now has a 50 meter range and should no longer randomly say the target is out of range.
    There ya go. We got a fix. A fix to something that was mostly showing in BGs, but a fix.
  8. ARCHIVED-kartikeya Guest

    A fix to a bug I've been reporting since at least February too (I can't remember if I spotted it in beta), so you know, it's only July now, awesome.

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