Any way to solo lower level content and get AA?

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  1. ARCHIVED-Gwynet Guest

    Title says it all... I spent a lot of time on my old character duoing old content for AA (mentoring another toon).
    Is it possible to solo it now, somehow, with the merc system? or will it be impossible to get those AAs?
  2. ARCHIVED-Tollymore Guest

    By chronomentoring down, and perhaps bringing an appropriate merc, any class should be able to solo a lot of old content.
  3. ARCHIVED-Mermut Guest

    I would avoid bringing a merc, if possible. Mercs take as much xp as another person, and if you're chronomentoring down, you shouldn't have any difficulty doing most lower level content. The xp you 'lose' for being mentored is only kill xp, which you would get none for if the mobs were grey. The quest xp is not affected by mentoring.
  4. ARCHIVED-Occam Guest

    Mermut wrote:
    I don't necessarily agree with this. I've used a merc to plow through mobs that would normally take me much, much longer to kill. What I gained in # of mobs killed FAR surpassed any negative hit from the exp the merc took. I would never have gotten AA as fast without one.

    Gwynet, I'm not sure what class your char is, but for me (a healer) using the SK merc is awesome. She can take a real beating and her AE ability lets her kill big groups of mobs for quick AA gain. :)
  5. ARCHIVED-Liral Guest

    Most toons should be able to do a great deal of the low level content solo. Just make sure that you level lock early at like level 14 and do all the quests and dungeons you can at that level. Basically I stop at level 14, 24, 34, etc.. and do all the low level stuff for that level range occassionally adding alevel or two to to do soemof the more difficult stuff at the end of a tour in an area of where being in like a midpoint for certain content is appropriate. Ther are a few dungeons which will eb a LOT easier though if you have a merc with you or where you absolutely need it because of the possible adds and such. But the vast majority of it is doable solo or with a merc.
  6. ARCHIVED-ssor02 Guest

    Liral wrote:
    How do you lock your level? Do you mean setting the AA slider to 100%? If so, this is exactly what I need to do. Since L10 I have had my AA slider bar set to 80%, which has been great (now have 24 AAs at L16), but at L15 I discovered that the quests started to be for mobs higher than my level (Crushbone territory in Greater Faydark) and that I couldn't use some of the loot because I was at too low a level. I'm doing the solo timeline quests. Started out in Greater Faydark and added the Frostfang Sea when I realized that my XP level was falling behind the quest level. I may add the Qeynos area quests, too -- mainly because I prefer questing to grinding. I'm following Banditman's advice (see the Conjuror forum) and trying to earn 100 AAs by L50.
    Unfortunately, there are no solo dungeons, that I know of anyway, in the "good" areas for toons under L20. I plan to add a merc (Qeynos paladin) when I reach L20 and start using my Fire Mage as a pet. But for now my Earth Avatar is a fantastic tank, esp. with Grandmaster Defensive Stance (which I acquired at L14).
    I think what I'm going to have to do when I run out of quests for a specific level is simply set the AA slider to 100% and grind mobs as fast as possible until I get the number of AAs I need (need about 3 to 4 AAs per level until I have twice as many AAs as my level).
  7. ARCHIVED-Brigh Guest

    ssor02 wrote:
    I had a character that I locked at 10 and gained 100 AAs before unlocking. No help from other characters as it was the only character on the server. No guild either. I had a nice person or two run me through Sinking Sands for AA; maybe PoF too but I don't remember. The rest was all just me questing and collecting, selling on the broker, buying missing but affordable collection pieces, etc.
  8. ARCHIVED-TalisX1 Guest

    ssor02 wrote:
    Blackburrow off of Antonica is great for level 11-18 or so.
  9. ARCHIVED-Regolas Guest

    Crypt of betrayal is good too.
  10. ARCHIVED-Liral Guest

    What you'll want to do is level your toon to 15 and then put the sloder at 100% for AA then go through each and every starting zone plus the Qeynos and Freeport areas and you'll have a truckload of AA when you are done. You should be able to do quests that reach to about level 16-18 as well as a bunch of the heroic content. Then once you've gained a truckload of AA go to about level 24 and once again lock your AA and go through all the level 16 (if you lock at 24) or 17 (if you lock at 25 quests you didn't complete earlier all up until upper 20's quests in the areas )overkland and dungeons) for their 20's. You can do that at at every 10 levels if you like but if you blast a ton out in the beginnign you can then set your AA slider at a reasonable level and just level after that if you want to get to the end quickly after that. Here's some url's to help you along the way. Not only can you get a truckload of AA and see soem of the best content in the game that way it also allows new players to get soem money cause you can broker all of the treasured gear and such you'll get from killing so many things. (there are great threads in here about money making as well)'_Way

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