Any other necro spells/abilities I should abandon for now?

Discussion in 'Mages' started by Mindsway, Jan 28, 2018.

  1. Mindsway Well-Known Member

    Hello! I'm dusting off my old necro, haven't played that class in a while (and just got back into game a few months ago). I've read that lifeburn and maybe soulburn no longer work, or at least not worth using. Is this true, and are there any other abilities I shouldn't bother with anymore?

    Also looking for AA spec suggestions, thanks!
  2. Rubick Well-Known Member

    If you open the station cash shop you can search the loyalty section. There you should find a betrayal token. Make sure you have 50 loyalty tokens, then go ahead and snag you one of those.
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  3. Ntai New Member

    In its current form, Lifeburn is very meh. Soulburn, however, should be case basically on cooldown. It's still one of the better abilities.

    Beyond that I can't speak with any real authority regarding necros.
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  4. Steelviper Active Member

    You can also safely ignore that Ooze Crawler healer AA pet in Necromancer tab, unless you need it for enabling more abilities at the bottom. Just do yourself a favor and like, never summon it.
    You can have a look at my profile here if you like -
    Not claiming the AA setup to be perfect, but it worked very well for me for a few years now and still does in Planes of Prophecy.
  5. Daryl Bones New Member

    Just looking and offering a few tips that I'm seeing with your AAs that will offer more dps.

    Rot Flesh with the DoT is basically a must if you're wanting to up your dps. It's hands down our hardest hitting ability. you can remove the points into blood pulse and your choice of the enhancements to graverot to get what you need... it'll be worth it, trust me.
    Dark Hearts in itself atm are basically placebos and dont really need to be casted... plus Reanimation should be up enough already when needed.

    Ancient Fury is what you want. It puts you at the DoT tick cap consistently as you're not always guaranteed a troub. Impatience is unnecessary as its OoC, and we basically auto heal back hp from Lich's draining... or you can heal yourself if you're really getting that low from it.
    Split Channeling is awesome, especially with you needing more DC in PoP
    Spellbind is again a must if you're looking to maximize your dps.
    The entire Noxious Dragon Scales tree is optional besides the Scaled Protection AA... the rest can potentially be spent elsewhere depending on how much you're going "squish..." but between the self-ward and self heals of lich, consumption, and our soul abilities... you shouldn't die unless the healer royally screws up.

    Ethernere Resilience is unnecessary as your pet shouldn't be getting hit since (assuming you have Epic 2.0) your pet cant be targetted.
    ET Enhance is nice to max out, cuz yay more ticks.

    You now only need 5 points spent to unlock the end of each row/move to the next row.
    Swift strides: wasted 5 points
    Runic Protection: unnecessary... how much is Magi's shielding REALLY providing now-a-days?

    Necromancer: a TON of our AAs in this tree are useless, but you need them to unlock the bottom portion, sadly... with that being said though, the enhance to Awakened Grave and Blighted Horde currently increase the duration by 1 second per AA, capping at 12 seconds... as two of our biggest dps abilities, thats a huge buff. Just note if you have the summer ethereal rune, Blighted Horde is already capped.
    It's not a HUGE deal, but I'd take Life Burn over Ooze Crawler. With the random stoneskins in this xpac... you can prep Life Burn for free extra damage if you REALLY want... Ooze Crawler should never be used.

    looks good... i'd personally switch the amount of points spent in Arcane Minion and Shadowstep... your pet should already be maxed in its casting abilities, so its kind of a waste... On the other hand, Shadowstep rarely works... sometimes working is better than not working at all.

    Finally, Necromancer Class Focus... I'd take Rending over Critical Damage... 10% max hp for your pet will be more than the 2% CB that youre prolly already capped on.

    Hope this gives ya'll some idea AA/spec wise!
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  6. Steelviper Active Member

    Thanks, I took most of your suggestions, changing some I had previously as well, the noticeable difference is huge.
    That was already skilled, EQ2u wasn't showing it for some reason. But I moved the point in Critical Damage to Focus: Elemental Toxicity instead.
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