Another returning player thread.

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  1. Shogun2007 New Member

    I left EQ2 ages ago when level cap was raised to 90. Now i am debating between live and TLE servers.
    Tried that new TLE server got instant level 90, thought that i want to start from the beginning and rerolled on Kaladim.
    Server is empty , i am standing in the middle of an empty FP and chat is silent, scary..
    I would prefer TLE to Live ,should i just wait for a new server that releases in May? Or jump on Live bandwagon?
    I am clueless about many things thats why starting on a new server seems like a good idea.

    Oh and btw what happened to Coercers? My caster pets melee now and all the aggro on me. Did they nerf charm that bad?
  2. Siren Well-Known Member

    Kaladim TL-PvE is facing closure very soon; most people bailed for Kael Drakkel, the Lore & Legend server you just tried out. Varsoon, Kaladim's new TL-PvE Free Trade server replacement, launches in May as you already know; it'll be your best shot at coming out of the gate with everybody else.

    You could continue on Kael, trying out different high-level classes until you figure out what you want your Varsoon mains to be (except Beastlord and Channeler won't be available on Varsoon because they weren't launch classes and aren't balanced well for early content--way too OP).

    Otherwise, you could roll on Maj'Dul (most populated live server) or Halls of Fate (2nd most populated) to get a feel for how the low-level game is doing until May, bearing in mind that the level cap there is 125, and most players of this 18 year old game are at it or quite close.

    Yeah, charm got nerfed, likely because of how PvP-TL server players over the last several years have abused it on other players. Nothing like having your character get repeatedly shoved into the opposing factions' Heroic NPC guards until you're dead, without ever getting the chance to fight back. ;)

    It's always the same jerks ruining the game for everyone, to be honest. On the newest PvP TL, Tarinax, they also plat duped, locked and twinked and/or mentored, then griefed all the new L10s right off the server until it became deserted. You can also thank them for all servers now featuring a complete line of crafting fuels that can't be resold back to the vendor if you make a mistake and buy too much or the wrong fuel. When the devs discovered the exploiters' plat duping on Tarinax PvP-TL, the exploiters used their billions in plat to buy crafting fuels so their duped plat wouldn't get wiped out during the corrective patch. We finally wound up getting a server rollback from that whole fiasco; that was lovely, too, and pretty much the kiss of death for Tarinax, sadly.
  3. Shogun2007 New Member

    Thank you for your reply. Never played on PVP server, so i wouldnt know all the details, but its really sad that charm got so nerfed because of the PVP crowd. Back in ROK coercer was my favorite class by far, i deleted him several times and rerolled again ,till i mastered my keybinds and could keep several mobs mezzed and charmed at once, it was a unique class with high risk and reward. Now with Possesion it looks like another illusionist , oh well.

    I played on AB for a while , mercenaries really trivialised the content. I could go afk for a day standing in a respawn spot and come back several levels higher. Paladin merc healed me , rezzed me and destroyed all the mobs. Do they stay that strong all the way till maximum level? Can u get in a dungeon group before u hit max level?

    Back in the day monks/bruisers were considered as hybrid tank/dpsers , are they still hybrid ? What i meant is that they were viable tanks unless u had a plate wearer, Plate wearers were preferred type.
    On Kael Drakkel i encountered few people mostly solo , is this how this server works i was i just really unlucky?

    These a few questions i could come up with right now-)
    Ty for reading :D
  4. TheGreatGatsby Active Member

    Hi Shogun,

    If you're looking for an "original" experience, the TLE isn't going to be able to satisfy that for you. This is the original content but with all of the changes, buffs, nerfs, and everything else that they've added over the years. You're going to find that, in general, a lot of the combat is significantly "easier" than you remember it being. With all of that being said, TLEs are still a lot of fun, and the game is definitely more "difficult" than it is at live, with significantly slower xp generation (although faster than I'm sure you'll remember) and much more emphasis on group content.

    To answer some of your more specific questions, Monks/Bruisers are definitely tanks. Their damage generally does not compete with the actual DPS classes. For tanks, they do good damage, but they are definitely not "hybrid". In lower levels especially, Monks/Bruisers will be a more difficult tank to play, but once they've gotten some levels and some gear, their ability to deflect (another type of avoidance that other tanks don't get), dodge, parry, and block definitely make them more than capable. Shamans and Druids are generally the preferred healers for a Brawler archtype tank in TLEs, and as always, a chain of unlucky avoidance rolls can make keeping a Brawler up more difficult (although having access to Mend/Ignore Pain and other defensives at higher levels mitigate unlucky avoidance chains pretty well).

    That being said, Guardians are still the premiere raid tank MT due to the higher number of defensive options (stoneskins) that are available to them, and the fact that Plate tanks will mitigate damage that they receive much better.