Ammo: No extra for procs (like MA, flurry, AE...)

Discussion in 'Ranger' started by ARCHIVED-Aerinn, Mar 19, 2012.

  1. ARCHIVED-Aerinn Guest

    Since the mod locked the other thread (cause it was an old conversation?) I thought I'd raise the couple of ideas I thought were pretty good:
    1. Consume arrows one time per auto-attack (no additional for procs like MA, flurry, or AE)
    2. Make arrow consumption time based (though I figure this would involve a lot more code modification)
    I know that devs like the idea of a plat sync for ammo, but not everyone sync's plat like rangers do here.

    I just wonder what it'd take to get a dev to see if this would be an easy change they might pick up as a "we love you for keeping us in a job" gesture?
  2. ARCHIVED-Corwinus Guest

    Yes, and why not make it another type of Arrow reclamation in the coming Prestige AAs instead of planning another type of Coverage or another type of Hidden Shot.
  3. ARCHIVED-Neiloch Guest

    Replacing either of those with a pure 'arrow conservation' ability outright would be a huge mistake. We are a DPS class first and foremost. Secondly, we shouldn't have to dedicate entire specs to jsut not using arrows since NONE of the other classes have to do anything like this. It would be an instant gimping to rangers if something DPS oriented with replaced with not using as much ammo, no matter how small the DPs increase.
    I DO think the 'no ammo use' on Wreak havoc should be changed to something like a passive 20% ammo conservation similar to how the 'Arrow Rip' AA in the TSO table has in addition to its DPS increasing aspect.
  4. ARCHIVED-Errror Guest

    Easier but Plausible changes:

    Makeshift Arrows - While active, ranger uses no arrows.
    Hawk Attack - While hawk is alive, no arrows will be consumed. Or make it more interesting, IF hawk expires of natural circumstances (lives full duration), it will return all arrows consumed in time its alive back to the ranger.
  5. ARCHIVED-Corwinus Guest

    Neiloch@Butcherblock wrote:
    Yes I agree with that, and This was more what I meant when I mentionned Arrow reclamation, not to have a whole AA dedicated to spare arrows but to have it as a complementary permanent effect on some CAs. My bad.
  6. ARCHIVED-Neiloch Guest

    Errrorr@Splitpaw wrote:
    Both those are really nice ideas. I've come to accept they do not want 100% arrow conservation (unless you just pile on red conservation adorns) but the amount of arrows used is just depressing. The amount needs to be cut down severely. And in all my times posting about this on the forums I have NEVER seen a single post of someone objecting to arrow consumption rates being lowered.
    And I literally mean depressing. I don't get angry or flustered about how many arrows I use. At the end of almost every night I look in my quivers and just get depressed as to how many I used and therefore how many i will have to make/buy and how long it will take.
    I'd love to see an in-game poll for this, asking how many arrows players want themselves or others to use relative to the current rate.
    "How much ammo should players have to use compared to the current rate?"
    -more ammo
    -same amount of ammo
    -slightly less ammo
    -a lot less ammo
    -no ammo/remove ammo
    I guarantee the big winners would be 'a lot less' and 'none/remove.' 'Same amount' might get a respectable third.
  7. ARCHIVED-Aerinn Guest

    On EASY improvements (notice I didn't say 'fixes'), I'd like to see them change "Talon Strike" so instead of the 60% chance to not use ammo being part of a proc....have it be an effect on "Eagle's Talon" so it's on all the time. If we used 60% fewer arrows across the board, as opposed to 60% less for 10s @ 2.4x per minute, it may help a bit. SURELY that'd be trivial to move that buff from Talon Strike to Eagle's Talon?
    Does the arrow conservation of Talon Strike apply to ALL arrow usage (e.g. MA) or only the initial attack?
    Has anyone actually TESTED what does/doesn't consume arrows (e.g. AE's, MA, Flurry, AE-autoattack)?
    Finally, do Devs EVER read this board? If not then what DO they read or how do we get their attention (other than getting them wasted at Fan Faire/Sony Live??
  8. ARCHIVED-Neiloch Guest

    - Applies to all arrow usage for the duration its up
    - auto AE, flurry, MA consume arrows. CA's don't use arrows at all.
    - They like to say they read the boards and we should just 'trust' they are reading what we post. I've entertained the idea of posting some unsavory stuff in the ranger forums to see how long it would go unnoticed but it would only take one person reporting it to get it found out and would get me in trouble.
    I am indeed going to 'SoE Live' this year, so I hope they are prepared.
  9. ARCHIVED-dropdoff Guest

    Sorry for necro'ing this post.
    When it comes to ammo the biggest item that annoys me is for us to to do better DPS we have to BUY better arrows. The new Dragon arrows takes two special drops for 2000 arrows. And the spirit-blessed makes 750 for one.
    I got through 2000 arrows in two hours of raid and there is guarantee that we get those drops so we are stuck at the spirit-blessed or regular arrows.
    For us to do our best DPS we have to pay to restock our supply. I would like to see a simple ability that will use one arrow no matter how high our MA is and/or giving us an added damage rating to whatever we use.
    Yes, I know we rolled rangers and that is what we get but I don't see any of the other classes who have to buy their DPS.
  10. ARCHIVED-Neiloch Guest

    dropdoff wrote:
    Someone actually tried to use this argument on me as well. It is extremely faulty though because wehn I rolled a ranger I was using MAYBE two arrows on a shot if I had good gear. Jump to now I'm using roughly 3-5 arrows per second while other classes use the same amount of resources for their auto attack: 0. This of course excluding when fighters and scouts use range weapons, they are starting to use a high amount of ammo as well.
    But its true, because we use just as many consumables as other classes PLUS an obscene amount of arrows we spend more money on DPs than anyone else. If classes were really balanced since we have the least utility out of any class and pay the most for DPS we should easily be beating every class in DPS in every scenario, this would make the current situation acceptable to me. I imagine they don't want to do that so why don't they just ease up on arrows or give use something remotely useful to other people. They don't see a temp accuracy buff and non-fighter group hate siphon terribly useful FYI.
    I just hope they don't have ammo in EqNext or that alone could basically make any kind of claim Eq Next is a next gen MMO a non-starter.
    Person A - "Eq Next looks like a good next gen MMO!"
    Person B - "It uses ammo though."
    Person A - "Nevermind."
  11. ARCHIVED-Corwinus Guest

    Aerinn wrote:
    Bah, I gave up, I mean the dead beaten horse of "endless quiver" is really mega-dead for me.
    Being well over the 410 cc, 600 ma requirements of my guild for raiding I traded some to get to 100% ammo conservation (that includes the AA choice that gives you 10%). 1 red adorn = 15%, 1 yellow = 10%
    The result is that I do not spend any arrows anymore on Auto Attack, Combat Art, Flurry, multi attack. It does not consume on a hit so if you hit 100% of the time then 1 arrow can last you a raid session.
    Though take a stack because the arrows seem to diseappear and reappear in your quiver (lag maybe) so if you have just one you maybe in trouble.
    I know it is unfair, we maybe the only class that have to do that, but what a relief in plats at the broker or in time if you have a woodworker (most rangers do).
  12. ARCHIVED-Faecia Guest

    Neiloch@Butcherblock wrote:
    I won't lie. This gives me hope.