Am I doing something wrong? (Swashbuckler)

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  1. LDEffectsMe New Member

    I'm basically a new player, having returned a few days ago after launch. Been playing on Kaladim so I can experience as much of the time early content as possible. (I'm a big fan of EQ1 progression servers.)

    First character I made was a necromancer. Steam rolled through the Isle of Refuge stuff with no issues at all. Don't think I died once.

    Next toon I made was a Swashbuckler. Played through the Isle of Refuge, and I have to admit it was significantly harder this time. There's also a huge imbalance between the factions on the Isle... Evil side an NPC showed up and wasted the final boss for me. Good side, I really struggled hard with the final fight at level 7. I had to go and craft Journeyman versions of all my abilities I could and level to 8 before I could actually beat that encounter.

    Is this indicative of life as a Swashbuckler, or just the early levels? It feels like there were a LOT of times I had *every* damage ability on cooldown and had to wait for my toon to just auto attack... Whereas the necro always had something to cast.

    I'm still trying to get a feel for what class fits me. I'm wondering if that's how Swashbucklers are (and if they stay that way forever) or if I just suck. Lol
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  2. Flightrisk Well-Known Member

    some things to consider: as a necro you are permanently a pair , your pet is with you all the time and it does significant damage for you . while as any of the non conjurer classes when you solo , you are indeed solo.. no pet .
    as the swash levels you will get more combat arts to use as well as ranged hits , by level 25 and beyond a swash is very good though if you worship at the DPS alter the necro is better .
    I like both classes , the swash has skills that the necro doesn't get. even if they are not direct damage I find them useful . ultimately its up to you . though to be fair to the classes I'd stick at least long enough to get all combat arts on the swash which is at about level 25 or so. And Welcome Back !! as well as Welcome To Kaladim! /wave.
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  3. LDEffectsMe New Member

    That's great to know, that it gets better. I was frustrated last night because I didn't think I was going to be able to beat that encounter. But like I said, on the Freeport side I didn't even have to fight the mob, an NPC killed them for me. Lol

    Then there's tradeskills. For the necro, doing Sage for spell upgrades seems like a good choice. For the Swashbuckler though, it's a toss up between Jeweler to make upgraded combat abilities or Alchemy to make poisons. What do you think would be most useful?
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  4. Schmetterling Well-Known Member

    hi LDEffectsMe welcome :) yes you made a good choice coming to Kaladim if your back from the abyss to much has changed on the regular servers.
    anyway , if you think a Swashy is hard to solo try a healer .
    ost healers ( again the ones without pet have only weak attacks and when I began playing on my Defiler I would often die a horrible death when I ran out of power trying to fight and heal myself through the fight .
    otherwise , what Flightrisk said.
    an Alchemist also makes ability upgrades for fighters besides the potions , a jeweler also makes jewelry
  5. Schmetterling Well-Known Member

    o yea all those trade skills are scholars, so you have time to figure what you want to do in the end , maybe ad a fighter to your toons.
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  6. Ragna Well-Known Member

    In the long run, for a Swashy, Alchemist - IOW "free" poisons & potions - is a no brainer vs Jeweler,. CA ? On Kaladim, your Masters might be cheaper than the rare needed for Expert. Actual jewelry ? Imbued rings are nice but other than that...

    Try to group or duo/trio that's where Swashies really shine.
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  7. Raff Well-Known Member

    Soloing on Kaladim is a guarantee of a slow slog and not much fun. The server is made for grouping. Try to find a guild that will help.

    Or try the live servers for a better solo experience. I also highly recommend moving your slider to more AA than XP in the beginning for more strikes / skills. I run mine on 70% AA / 30% XP for all my baby toons.
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