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  1. ARCHIVED-hardball13vl Guest

    Absolution should no longer have such a fast cast time and reuse.

    Why change it back? It finally made the spell useful again. The long cast and long reuse made this spell pretty bad for single target and really not that great on encounter/multi-target. Please leave the changes or comprimise with something in between that would make the spell useful.

    The change didn't make us overpowered or give us an advantage in anyway. Please leave it as is and allow the spell that was given as a GrandMaster to be used and become a possible option over acid this expansion.
  2. ARCHIVED-Morghus Guest

    Yeah, it made the spell worthwhile and fun. Don't think I have ever cast it as a single target until now, despite it being one of the spells that can be converted to single for the longest time.
  3. ARCHIVED-Trohet Guest

    Aye, it's not a game-breaking change to it really, just adding another spell that is worth casting on single target encounters and giving a minor bump to the fun on the - apart from the mindnumbing Drunder trash mobs - few linked encounters where we can shine.
  4. ARCHIVED-hardball13vl Guest

    This boost allowed us to do more damage on encounters.. which is the main goal of a warlock? or are we being changed into wizards without big nukes?

    You allow fiery blast to work on encounters so wizards can compete on multi target encounters.
    You give summoner's EB/ET and equal pet stats to increase their dps on single and multi target encounters
    You give warlocks focused casting to keep us in the game.. but now you nerf a spell that allowed us to excel at what we were made for? and yet still keep another spell (DA) that procs randlomly and sometimes not at all ...give us something

    Is no one else mad?
  5. ARCHIVED-darkstang Guest

    i am always mad deceius. i agree to having one of our mythical effected spells be useful, because god forbid them making our 90 spell useful. although i do think the 4 reuse was a little much. i say (we will need the warlock community to speak up) keep the damage and reuse as is, but increase the cast time to 1 second. this will put it to be a little better than distortion and be useful, but not to much of a great impact that its a game breaker. sorry for grammar and spelling due to sending this from phone.
  6. ARCHIVED-hardball13vl Guest

    Thanks for agreeing Dark!
    I like the idea of some change, and the reuse was a little much, but I think the damage output and cast speed of 1 second were right on.
    In comparison to how much other spells are hitting for right now on classes like the wizard with over 2 mil manaburns plus fiery blast over 1mil and many other spells hitting over 500k, I think the damage should be increased somewhat just to keep it in the mix and still help us out on multi-targets (where this spell should help us excel) as well as single targets with the 30% boost from our myth.
    Any change would be a start..
  7. ARCHIVED-darkstang Guest

    Are you shocked for once Deceius?
    Well I said to keep the damage the same because for all intents and purposes you know people will complain again if it was like how it was the day the xpac went live; however, I wouldn;t mind the damage to be increased again, but I would be content with a medium to where it is now and where it was last week.
    We can talk shop all day, but until Locks start heavily complaining nothing will be changed. Just my 2c.