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Discussion in 'Items and Equipment' started by Silzin, May 24, 2013.

  1. Silzin Active Member

    With the launch of SS and the revamp of Drunder items all brawler defensive weapons had a new ability called Block Chance. This ability is a flat 18% block that does not stake with its self on other weapons. Since this time solo or quested defensive weapons have the same amount Block Chance as the best Brawler Defensive weapon in the game, 18% Block.

    I think that this ability Block Chance needs to have a scaling value from solo, to group, to EM raid to HM raid. Give the brawlers out there something to look forward to as they get better gear. The solo one… don’t need block change. The group ones I think should stay with the 18% as it is. The EM raid ones could step up to 24% (6% more). Then the better they get the more Block chance they should have, something like the increase in Block Chance on Tank Shields.

    Remember adding 16% block gives a brawler an additional 5% Uncontested Block chance, the only block % that madders.
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  2. EQAditu Member

    Erm, I'm not entirely sure Block Chance is what you think it is. (Or you're using the wrong term) It's a terrible name for a stat to be honest, right up there with the DPS stat.

    Block Chance used to be Shield Effectiveness. It used to be found on only shields, thus the name. It modifies your already existing chance to block. If your shield had ~1% chance to block, +20% Shield Effectiveness didn't give you any meaningful change. If you had 50% chance to block, +20% would give you a decent amount more.

    Brawlers can block without a shield, so Shield Effectiveness was renamed to Block Chance and added to other items/AAs.

    Assuming your Block Chance is the same Block Chance that I'm talking about... it's not a flat chance of anything as you describe it... and furthermore multiple items/AAs will stack with each other in an additive fashion to then modify your existing calculated block chance.

    Brawlers probably have a more static chance to block than various tiers of shields. On shields it makes sense that every shield in the same expansion has the same Block Chance. 20% Block Chance on a 2000 protection shield is better than 20% Block Chance on a 1500 protection shield. But if a brawler has a completely static chance to block regardless of gear, then your argument holds a bit more leverage. But SoE's recent itemization is completely formulaic and with Block Chance remaining the same on shields probably made it happen with Brawler weapons.

    In closing, I'm not saying your argument is wrong as much as you're misunderstanding the mechanics as I see things.
  3. Estred Well-Known Member

    Kinda funny how Uncontested has been pretty much phased out. Indeed though, EM Brawler weapons having 18% is fine, but Hard Mode ones should have 22 percent. If 16% = 5% that means 8% = 2.5% so having 22 on the HM ones is a total of 6.875% Uncontested, which is roughly what I get from my Teku Shield's protection rating iirc.
    (I am not able to check because I am at unable to log atm due to RL).

    Mode: Block% = Uncontested%

    Solo: 8% = 2.5%
    Heroic: 12% = 3.75%
    EM-Raid: 16% = 5%
    HM-Raid: 22% = 6.875%
    Ethereal/Mythical: 26% = 8.125%

    Does that seem a fair scaling system. That is assuming you are accurately portraying Block Chance. If Aditu is correct then my math is horridly off and should be disregarded. I have always been sketchy on how this stat works because of it's odd naming convention.
  4. Lurtz Member

    The request is perfectly valid, the problem with these new items is they have "Block chance" as a spell name. Similar to gloves having "Haste" as a spell which gives 40 attack speed, these weapons have "Block chance" which gives 18% Block chance. As such no 2 items stack.

    I believe they were introduced because the drunder weapons could be duel weilded and would easily cap your uncontested avoid by wearing 2 items with 30%+ Block modifier along with other buffs/items.

    To be fair, all the items should be changed back to have the same modifier as shields and simply be made "Offhand only" . There Should really be some sort of trade off though in offensive stats on the item for the defensive stats. This way brawlers can use 2 offensive weapons, or 1 defensive and 1 offensive when they need the extra avoid.
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  5. Estred Well-Known Member

    That is a surprisingly forward way to look at it. Brawler off-hands work like shields then (minus the protection rating they have scaling block instead). Brawlers then choose between offense and defense weapons depending on what they want just like Plate-Tanks choose between weapons (offense) and shields (defense)
  6. Daalilama Well-Known Member

    TBH it seems like another example on non-stacking stats/buffs/procs like we have been seeing since skyshrine which was ignored in beta.
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  7. Estred Well-Known Member

    Sadly true. It also is as confusing as ever and as annoying as ever.
  8. Lurtz Member

    This is how it worked in Drunder, there were "Offensive" and "Defensive" weapons, the defensive ones had the block modifier on them and fewer offensive stats such as flurry, the offensive ones didn't have the block chance and had stuff like flurry on them.
    The problem with them was the trade off in stats was very minor and you could duel wield 2 of the defensive ones and get more than 60% block modifier.
    To "fix" this, they made the block chance a spell so it wouldn't stack, IMO the preferred option would be to make them secondary only and give them the same modifier as the top end shields 30%+.
  9. Estred Well-Known Member

    Which would have worked had they done one of two options. One of which you touched on.

    - Make the "Defensive" one (has block %) a "Secondary" weapon, forcing to to only be used in the Off-Hand.
    - Make the Block % they have now scale as the weapon increases.
  10. slippery Well-Known Member

    Block Chance wasn't a trade off fix, it was something they didn't itemize at all after Drunder and got thrown on later when people started complaining about the fact that it was completely mia.
  11. Silzin Active Member

    the Block CHance i am referring to as most in the thread have identified the ability on the brawler weapon. just like Hast on gloves that have changing %'s this % of Block Chance should have a changing % of Block bast on the difficulty of the mob it dropped from just like the Tank Shields that drop from the same mob. the Tank Shields also tend to have Proc's and other defensive stats. i understand not giving the other stats, but these also should have procs if the tank shield from the same mob has a proc.

    My Uncontested Block Chance with out a "Block Chance" weapon on it is 43.5%. with a 18% Block Chance weapon it goes up to 48.4%. with another 26% Block Chance that stacks and probably does not drop in game any more i can get my Block CHance up to 55.4%.

    So starting off at 43.5% adding 18% gives 4.9% (worry i was off a bit earlier).
    going from 43.5% adding 44% gives only 11.9% additional block chance over using Offensive weapons.

    I am not saying that the Block Chance Ability needs to Stack with itself. either make it a Off Hand only weapon and back to the normal Block chance it change the % like you do for Hast all over the place.
  12. Atan Well-Known Member

    The request is valid, however I'm not sold at all on the proposed amounts.

    Lastly, I think there should be more options on the weapons, some without the block chance with higher DRs, some with the block chance with somewhat lower DRs, etc.

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