AA's for Warlock?

Discussion in 'Warlock' started by ARCHIVED-EvaLee, Jul 28, 2011.

  1. ARCHIVED-EvaLee Guest

    Sorry if there is already a post on this, I did some searching and a majority of them are from 2006-2009. I figured *something* may have changed in the recent years. :p

    As it stands I'm a small level 35 Warlock, who is looking for solo leveling AAs. I read in the old posts that some people go STA. I tried that and it's *amazing* for solo leveling, however I'm not sure I'm feeling the reason why to go STA, is for Manashield. I've read and reread the tooltip and I can't just seem to well, get interested in it. When Magi Shielding 10/10 is so awesome, why do I want to basically drain my MP for 30 seconds then be totally shieldless for a whole minute before I can recast it again and let it eat away at my power?

    Maybe I'm totally missing something here. However, I have read that some people do STR, WIS or INT instead of STA. So I'm all lost!

    So. Solo leveling AAs for Warlock. Any help would be amazing. :)

  2. ARCHIVED-Lempo Guest

    STR, AGI, WIS trees for Warlock
  3. ARCHIVED-Laiina Guest

    Until GU61 comes out, then it might change.
  4. ARCHIVED-urgthock Guest

    EvaLee wrote:
    Solo leveling? I would suggest something similar to this. It's a very good blend of DPS and survivability. I just threw it together from memory but it's probably very similar to my solo spec.
  5. ARCHIVED-Trensharo Guest

    You just gave a 35 Lock a spec for a 90 with 300 AAs...

    OP needs to tell how many AAs he has so that people can take priorities into consideration. SF and Heroic AAs are off limits at that level, and there will be limits on how many you can spend in each tree you can access. Don't even think you can get to TSO Endlines at 35.

    I need a Lock Spec for level 80 with 200 AAs, though, pretty please :)

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