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  1. Torpian Member

    I was reading up on AA points today and I saw this in EQ2 Fandom:

    You earn Alternate Advancement points by:
    • Up to 280 AAs will be granted as part of leveling up. (since [COLOR=var(--theme-link-color)]Thursday, December 18, 2014[/COLOR])
      • Every level after 10 until level 90 characters will receive 3 AA points.
      • Every 5th level characters will receive an additional 2 AA points, for a total of 5. (applies at level 10 as well)
      • Once a player reaches 280 AAs, all AA grants will cease. If characters are not at 2 80 AA points upon reaching level 90, they will receive additional points to reach 280.
    So in the past, they gave players who had reached level 90 free AA points to a value of 280AA points. Will something like this happen on this TLE server?
    Secondly, can you level beyond 90 without having 280 AA points or is it a prerequisite to keep leveling? (once the expansion comes out that lets us reach 92).
  2. Arielle Nightshade Well-Known Member

    It's more like leveling is a prerequisite to getting more AA points. Right now at 90, we have the potential of 300 AA. Unless you used the level 85 boost you got, you weren't given any AA just for attaining max level (wouldn't that be nice).

    I *think* the levels go up to 325 and level 92 with Skyshrine, etc, but am too lazy to look. It's entirely possible to be max level with like 10 AAs, so they aren't tied to your ability to level at all.

    I think what you were reading is old info, but I'm not sure what you were looking at so can't say for sure. Since 2014 this is an entirely different game, tbh.
  3. Torpian Member

    I logged in today and noticed my level 90 alts all have 280AA points now (sitting on less than 100 prior to last night's patch).
  4. Nukette New Member

    My level 80 alts all received no AA points
  5. Serrafynn New Member

    So, what's the deal on this? Some people got automatic AAs and some didn't. Is this something we should bug if we didn't? Is there any official word on this?