A Wood Elf Necomancer??

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    Server: Oasis
    Guild: ???? Would luv to join one.. lol
    Physical Appearance:
    Medium Height and Lean, with Short Red, with White Hi-lights reaching just above his shoulders, medium brown toned skin and green eyes.

    Age: ??

    Past: When Morbeious was young, his village was slaughtered by the undead, with no adult survivors, and very few children that were scattered around. He was taken in by a powerful mage, who taught him all he knew about magic.


    Morbeious was a talented student studying the arts of magic, he quickly rose in the ranks of spell casters becoming a very promising student, one day however he was searching for more information concerning the undead which slaugher his village, he quickly found no such knowledge other than the weakness to light. He then decided to become a necromancer to learn as much as he could to report his knowledge back to the townships and cities, and one day seek his revenge.
    He sought out the most despicable necromancers imaginable and learnt all of the dark secrets he could from them, sometimes having to kill them when he tried to leave them. He gathered all of the knowledge he could and went back to the cities advising officials about various weaknesses and strengths the undead had and creating different protections against the darkness.
    He was feared though, people did not trust him fully, they learnt that Necromancers were dark magicians and he was one of them. in between being chased out by towns people believing him to be evil he was also chased by his old tutors and generals craving revenge for his betrayal.


    Morbeious's a fun-loving, but also very thoughtful guy. He's somewhat aloof among the elves, having not been raised in their ways, but he still loves his people. He's one of the most powerful magicans in existance, but he prefers research to practice. He is feircly loyal to this, the first group of friends he's ever found, and loves to joke around with them. These friends are ????, who he calls "boss" and Silva. He's kinda shy though, so maybe that's why he's only recently really had friends. Oh yeah, and he's got a passion for things that go "boom." Make fun of his ears, and you'll meet the end of a great staff, or go "Boom" Yourself.

    Weapons of choice:

    He favours magic to weapons, however should he need to he would wield the Staff of Necoromonda: Chaos Staff of Darkness, a powerful Staff that he never uses unless in the most extreme of circumstances.

    Special Abilities:

    His belief in a pure mind must be true, he can give his self over to the battle, almost acting as if he knew what was going to happen before it did.

    Due to his training under the paladins and necromancers, he is well versed in both the arts of healing and dark magic. Along his travels he has picked up a few spells from all the elemental groups. During his time with the elves, he learned the art of illusions and how to hide himself and others from prying eyes.

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