A Wonderstruck Qeynos Resident

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  1. Draconic2 New Member

    Hello ive seen a Wonderstruck Qeynos Resident and different variations of the name of the npcs like a Relieved Qeynos Resident they in for a reason or from some event? Just sorta curious.

    Sorry if this is posted in the wrong section.
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  2. Benj Well-Known Member

    If I remember right, those were added after the Age's End storyline finished. As it reached the climax (with the return of Kerafyrm and the founding of the New Combine), even common folk were aware of the world ending events we were a part of. After we defeated Kerafyrm, those worry-filled NPCs became quite relieved. Several make comments about Kerafyrm being trapped inside Luclin like an egg.
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  3. Cusashorn Well-Known Member

    Back around 2012 or so, the Age's End story event saw Kerafyrm finally defeated, and time magic used to undo the destruction of Luclin.

    The flavor NPCs around the game have been talking about it ever since. There's also NPCs worried about the Shissar invasion (which never actually happened) and us adventurers put a stop to Emperor Ssraeshza in Reign of Shadows.
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  4. Mugwort Active Member

    Some of the residents are still referring to this event.

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  5. Draconic2 New Member

    Aha! Now they make sense, thankyou for the replies :) !
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