A Quick Update on Server Merges

Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by Roshen, Oct 9, 2015.

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  1. Roshen Well-Known Member

    Hey all,

    We’re still working on getting everything ready for server consolidations, and we wanted to give everyone a quick update.

    Our first merge will be Crushbone, Butcherblock, and Oasis into Maj’Dul. This won’t be ready for next week. The soonest this will be ready will be the week of October 19, and we’ll keep everyone updated as we know more.

    We’re also working to time this with the launch of the Terrors of Thalumbra beta server. While we’re still working on optimizing the server consolidation process to minimize downtime, there will be extended downtimes for servers that are merging. Hopefully you’ll choose to spend some time exploring Thalumbra with other beta testers during this time.

    Our other server merges will happen before the expansion launches. We want to see how Maj’Dul’s merge goes first, before committing to dates and giving approximate downtimes for Everfrost, Guk, and Unrest merging into Halls of Fate and Freeport, Nagafen, and Permafrost merging into Skyfire.

    After these server merges have completed, we’ll have a period of time that players can choose to transfer for free between Maj’Dul, Halls of Fate, Skyfire, and Antonia Bayle. We’ll have additional information on this later, and the free transfer period won’t happen until all of these merges are done.

    We appreciate all of our players’ patience and support during this process. If you haven’t been keeping up on server merges, you can find out more in our most recent FAQ here.
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  2. Nooloon Active Member

    I for one would rather wait as long as it takes than have DayBreak jump the gun and risk any sort of problems or outage.

    Thanks for a great game.
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  3. Xaiveir Active Member

    Ensuring everything is done right the first time is the way to go, kudos to you guys. Thanks Roshen!
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  4. XwXwX New Member

    Still no news concerning the EU servers merges ? maybe a timeframe ?

    Last update was in a Producer's Letter from August :
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  5. Livejazz Well-Known Member

    I'm maybe coming back after an 8-month break ... is Nagafen no longer a PvP server?
  6. Gaptia Active Member

    Yes please give news to people outside the States.
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  7. Frightbringer New Member

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  8. Hekynn New Member

    Take as much time as you need DBG. Heck I will be checking out the beta server when it goes live. :)
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  9. Cairl New Member

    Yes please give news to people outside the States o_O
  10. Svenone Well-Known Member

    The only news regarding the non-US servers is that they will not happen until after the US servers are merged. As they don't know when the US servers will be completed (other than before the expansion), they can not give a more definite time frame.
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  11. Mysstie Well-Known Member

    As far as I'm concerned, I am in no hurry cause I just know something is going to break.
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  12. GrunEQ Well-Known Member

    Take as long as you need, I am not anxious to give up Guk for the terribly named Halls of Fate. Geez FATE would have been much better. o_O
  13. Lare Active Member

    Thank you for filling us in on the time frames
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  14. Alphonsus Well-Known Member

    So we can't xfer to an EU server?
  15. Katz Well-Known Member

    No, Nagafen will not exist after it is merged into the new server Skyfire, a PvE server. The PvP server is now the TLE server Deathtoll.
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  16. Maldek Active Member

    Roshen, this sort of communication is always appreciated. Even bad news is better than no news. Thanks for sharing this update
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  17. WTRG New Member

    Was all the weird lag and super long/dropped zoning and logging-in over the last couple days related to this?
  18. Tajar Well-Known Member

    Could those transfers not be open to EU servers too? While I have already forked out money to move, I have friends who cannot afford to move characters to an EU server, at least not all their toons.
  19. Druantia Member

    I think AB should have to vote for a new server name also and get it changed. A lot of us dedicated to our servers since game launch are being forced to merge onto a new server under a different name so yea to make it fair theirs should change as well... maybe to a RoK or EoF themed name.
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  20. Ruckus Well-Known Member

    Some of us are not doing the pre-order until the first server consolidation happens. You'll get my money after you start to make good on this promise, which should have happened years ago.

    This will probably end up being the shortest beta test ever, meaning launch will probably end up having a bunch of bugs and issues. Which means anything that we /petition will take over 2 weeks to be told "sorry, working as intended".

    This short beta also means that any "scout class revamp" (that has also been promised for over a year now) will pretty much give us no sort of fix. Auto attack damage being reduced and combat art damage being increased. That still doesn't help scout classes like swashbucklers and beastlords in regards to being viewed as a "raid-worthy" class.
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